Welcome to Bonn

Welcome to Bonn - We are here to help.

In Bonn, new Ph.D. students find a warm welcome. The staff of BIGS will help you to get a good start in Bonn.

Our welcome program starts three to four weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period - students should be prepared to arrive in time to participate in this program. For detailed information for the term you are applying for, please check the next page - "Welcome Program for Your Term."

  • We will send you guidelines to your first steps in Bonn and assist you in planning your journey.
  • We will arrange for a room in a student residence.
  • We will assist you through the administrative procedures:
    • Signing your rental agreement
    • Registering with the city
    • Opening a bank account
    • Enrolling with a health insurance
    • Registration procedures at the university

BIGS arranges for crash-courses in German and the university offers intensive German courses for PhD students.

We are also your partners in finding solutions for day-to-day questions you might have, such as dealing with the authorities, finding an English speaking doctor and other general information. We can help in finding second hand stores or specialty food shops and much more.....

In Bonn, new students are integrated into their supervisors’ working group at once. This means you will find a good social environment as well as a good maths.

In short: The BIGS community supports new Ph.D. students!