The City of Bonn

Charm and Sophistication

Bonn is a mid-sized town, which combines charm and sophistication. Once Germany’s capital, this peaceful city located on the banks of ‘Father Rhine’ boasts a small-town feel, but with the infrastructure of a major metropolitan center. It is the gateway to the romantic Middle Rhine Valley, a region dotted with castles and surrounded by the beautiful Siebengebirge, a landscape shaped by myths, sagas and fairy tales

Nonetheless it is in easy reach of some of the most densely populated areas in Germany, Cologne and the Ruhr-Area. It is attached to the Intercity Rail Network and close to Cologne-Bonn Airport.

The most famous son of Bonn is Ludwig van Beethoven so that the city hosts a high level orchestra and choir, and each autumn, a Beethoven festival. Top level exhibitions visit the exhibition hall in Bonn.

The city´s charms are impossible to miss.  Bonn boasts baroque buildings and an age-old charisma, yet remains solidly part of the modern world: More than a dozen United Nations agencies and 170 international organizations call it home, as do Deutsche Telekom (a global telecommunication and IT services leader with operations in more than 50 countries), T-Mobile and Deutsche Post (one of the world’s largest logistics companies and owner of DHL).

To find out more, please visit the website of the city of Bonn which has an excellent events calendar, including the many events in Bonn which are free of charge.