Cost of Living

There are no tuition fees for our PhD program. There is only a semester fee of 300 Euro per term. It includes free public transportation on buses, trams and local trains in the province of Northrhine-Westfalia. It also permits you to have meals at a "mensa", a university cafeteria, at reasonable prices.

To be enrolled as a student at the university, health insurance valid in Germany is mandatory.

The following list gives a rough estimate of the living expenses per month for a student in Bonn. Sadly at this time expenses are rising steeply just about everywhere, so this list is probably no longer as helpful as it once was. Assume that you can at 10-20% to the numbers given here - sorry to be so vague, but at this point many things are in flux.

Living expenses per month


800 Euro


300 Euro

clothes, etc.

100 Euro

books, etc.

80 Euro


150 Euro


1430 Euro

plus semester fees per term
(including a public transportation
for the entire province (Land))

350 Euro