Welcome Program

Welcome Program


The welcome program consists of an extensive information sheet which will be sent to you when you decide to enter into the program.

There will be a crash course in German offered in September.  You should aim to arrive during the first full week of September, so that we can get you settled before our German course starts.

For MSc and Qualifying students who will be moving into a dorm: be aware that the dormitory rental office is open Monday and Tuesday 9-12 noon, Thursday 9-12 noon and 2-4 PM. If you arrive outside of these times, you will have to spend a night in a hostel.

Note that 3 October is a holiday when all offices and shops shut down! If you will not be participating in the German course you should time your arrival around this date.

The welcome program consists of

  • Crash Course in German (September only)
  • Assistance with the bureaucratic "maze"
  • At beginning of lectures - Welcome meeting and introductory session for the new students in the Master program
  • Early autumn: short reception in the context of the Plücker lecture for all BIGS PhD students after the Plücker lecture.