The Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics is organized into the following teaching areas:

Algebra, Number Theory and Logic

J.Franke, S.Geschke, G.Harder, M.Karpinski, P.Koepke, M.Rapoport, J.Schröer, C.Stroppel, D.Zagier

Analysis and Differential Equations

H.-W.Alt, S.Bartels, S.Conti, J.Frehse, H.Koch, M.Lesch, W.Müller, S.Müller, M.Rumpf

Discrete mathematics

S.Hougardy, M.Karpinski, B.Korte, T.Nieberg, N.Saxena, J.Vygen

Geometry and Topology

W.Ballmann, C.-F.Bödigheimer, G.Faltings, U.Hamenstädt, G.Harder, D. Huybrechts, M. Kreck, Y.Manin, N.Perrin, M.Rapoport, S.Schwede, P.Teichner, D.Zagier

Numerical Mathematics and Scientific computing

H.-W.Alt, S.Bartels, M.Bebendorf, A.Chernov, S.Conti, J.Frehse, M.Griebel, H.Harbrecht, S.Müller, H.Rauhut, M.Rumpf


S.Albeverio, A.Bovier, A.Eberle, P.Ferrari, M.Karpinski, K.-T.Sturm,

The section Topology runs a Graduiertenkolleg (GRK 1150) with the topic "Homotopy and Cohomology", in collaboration with topologists in Bochum and Düsseldorf. The section Moduli spaces is an International Max Planck Research School run by the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in collaboration with mathematicians from the department of mathematics at the university.

Each section designs a teaching program for PhD students consisting of advanced lecture courses, research seminars, reading classes, a doctoral colloquium (organized by the students themselves), and summer and winter schools. Such schools will often be shared by sections and are open to external PhD students.