Teaching Areas

The Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics is organized into the following sections:

A - Algebra, Number Theory and Logic

V.Blomer, G.Faltings, J.Franke, P.Koepke, G.Oberdieck, P.Scholze, J.Schröer, C.Stroppel,  

B - Analysis and Differential Equations

S.Conti, M.Disertori, H.Koch, M.Lesch, S.Müller, B. Niethammer, M.Ortiz, M.Rumpf, C.Thiele, J.Velázquez

C - Discrete mathematics

S.Held, S.Hougardy, B.Korte, J.Vygen

D - Geometry and Topology

C.-F.Bödigheimer, G.Faltings, U.Hamenstädt, D. Huybrechts, W.Lück,  S.Schwede, P.Teichner

E - Numerical Mathematics and Scientific computing

C.Burstedde, S.Conti, J.Garcke, J.Gedicke, M.Griebel, I.Neitzel, M.Ortiz, C.Rieger, M.Rumpf, M.A.Schweitzer

F - Stochastics

A.Bovier, A.Bufetov, M.Disertori, A.Eberle, P.Ferrari, M.Gubinelli, B.Niethammer, E.Peltola, K.-T.Sturm

The Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics runs the International Max Planck Research School for Moduli Spaces in collaboration with mathematicians from the department of mathematics at the university.

Each section designs a teaching program for PhD students consisting of advanced lecture courses, research seminars, reading classes, a doctoral colloquium (organized by the students themselves), and summer and winter schools. Such schools will often be shared by sections and are open to external PhD students.