The GlobalMathNetwork is a network, currently composed of five internationally renowned research institutes, which focuses on supporting young scientists.

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PhD students in mathematics are encouraged to spend a research period of several months abroad, to network internationally, and to further research in their area.

Cooperating institutes

The five partner institutions of the GlobalMathNetwork are:

They share the vision of creating a worldwide network of outstanding research institutions in mathematics and of working even more closely together in the education of young researchers. In addition to the exchange of PhD students, the parties will organize joint academic events and realize common educational goals.


To this end, the partner institutes have committed themselves to provide funding for 40% of their doctoral students enrolled in a Mathematics program to study and work abroad from a period of one to four months. The cooperation agreement simplifies the planning of such a stay abroad for the students. The young researchers will get the opportunity to be a “Visiting PhD student” at the host institution. The home university will reimburse travel expenses and contribute to the living and accomodation expenses up to a certain limit depending on the country of travel. The host institution will provide the students with shared office space, access to its library, internet, and computer facilities, and, as appropriate, invitations to social events. Furthermore the host institution will sponsor a visa (if applicable) and it will not charge the exchange students any tuition fees.


PhD students enrolled in Bonn Mathematics are encouraged to contact the Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics (BIGS) to get further information.