Poster Exhibition 2007

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy.

In the exhibition of June 26th, 2007 by the Graduate School in Mathematics alone, we had 75 posters out of 110 current Ph.D. projects. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters show projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

The posters are not genuine publications; if you are interestedin a poster, please contact the author or supervisor. A volume of printed posters will be put in the library of the Department of Mathematics.

C.-F. Bödigheimer

participant advisor poster title
Aldana, Clara-Lucia Prof. Müller Inverse spectral theory and regularized determinants of elliptic operators.
Bacher, Kathrin Prof. Sturm (Weak) Curvature-dimension conditions for metric measure spaces
Berkels, Benjamin Prof. Rumpf Identification of grain boundary contours at atomic scale
Bohn, Michael Prof. Lesch The Rho invariant and gauge theory on 3-manifolds with boundary
Bold, Stefan PD Löwe, Prof. Koepke The Axiom of Determinacy: Cardinals as Ultrapowers
Braun, Jürgen Prof. Griebel A Superposition Model for n-dimensional Function Reconstruction
Buch, Thomas Prof. Frehse Embedding and boundary analysis for anisotropic Besov-Morrey spaces
Cano, Leonardo Prof. Müller Spectral theory on non-compact manifolds and scattering theory
Cantero-Álvarez, Rubén Prof. Otto Pattern formation in micromagnetics II: the fabulous world of nonconvex minimization problems, II: the concertina pattern
Carl, Merlin Prof. Koepke A diophantine representation of the predicate of provability
Castillo-Perez, Maria Prof. Bödigheimer On Hopf algebras associated to groups and quandles
Constantinescu, Gabriela Prof. Kunoth Approximate Continuation of Harmonic Functions: A Weighted Least-Squares Approach
Croce, Roberto Prof. Griebel Simulation of Floating Rigid Bodies in Two-Phase Flows
Dimitriou, Ioanna Prof. Koepke Infinitary combinatorics without the axiom of choice
Drwenski, Jörg Prof. Otto Pattern formation in micromagnetics I & II(see Cantero-Alvarez)
Dynov, Ivan Prof. Marcolli Type III1 factors generated by regular representations of infinite dimensional nilpotent groups
Engel, Martin Prof. Griebel A Newton-Multigrid Method for One-Shot PDE-Constrained Optimization
Fackeldey, Konstantin Prof. Krause A Function Space Based Multiscale Approach
Fermum, Martin Prof. Alt Coupled viscous thin film flow and surfactant spreading over an evolving substrate
Feuersänger, Christian Prof. Griebel Sparse grid methods for the high dimensional Fokker-Planck-Equation
Groß, Christian Prof. Krause Non-smooth Domain Decomposition Methods
Hamaekers, Jan Prof. Griebel Sparse grid methods for the electronic Schrödinger equation
Heber, Frederik Prof. Griebel Nanotubes in Magnetic Fields - A Perturbed Density Functional Treatment
Heider, Andreas Prof. Schwede Results from Morita theory of stable model categories
Hilbert, Norman Prof. Hamenstädt Lagrangian submanifolds in cotangent bundles
Holtz, Markus Prof. Griebel Numerical Simulation for High-Dimensional Problems in Financial Engineering and Risk Management
Horn, Helene Prof. Rumpf Variational Approach to Motion Extraction
Husseini, Ryad Prof. Sturm Jump processes with variable scaling parameters
Jager, Lukas Prof. Griebel Fluid Density Approximation for an Implicit Solvent Model
John, Dominik Prof. Koch Title 1: Contraction Properties of the Becker-Döring Equations with respect to the Kantorovich-Rubinstein Metric, Title 2: Towards uniqueness for degenerate equations of fourth order
Khasina, Liubov Prof. Frehse Mathematische Behandlungen von Mischungen elastoplastischer Substanzen
Klitz, Margrit Prof. Griebel Fluid Flow Equations in Porous Media Applied to Textile Permeability Computations
Kolvraa, Anders Prof. Harder Hyperbolic 3-manifolds and Bloch groups
Lademann, Bettina Prof. Albeverio Statistical Analysis of Freeway Traffic
Langer, Martin Prof. Schwede On the notion of Order in the Stable Module Category
Lenz, Martin Prof. Rumpf Modeling and Simulation of Phase Transitions in Metal Alloys: Evolution and Effective Properties
Löbach, Dominique Prof. Frehse On the regularity properties of solutions for problems of elasto-plasticity
Martinez-Navas, Hermes Prof. Huybrechts Fourier Mukai transform of Twisted sheaves
Mehrdad, Mehran Prof. Zagier Multiple Zeta Values and the Connes-Moscovici Hopf Algebra
Meinhardt, Sven Prof. Huybrechts Stability conditions on derived categories
Mellit, Anton Prof. Zagier Complex multiplication values of higher Green"s functions
Mesland, Bram Prof. Marcolli Spectral triples for hyperbolic groups
Metsch, Bram Prof. Griebel The CGC-ML coarsening scheme for parallel AMG
Mueller, Joern Prof. W. Müller Spectral theory for Laplace operators on manifolds with fibred cusp metrics
Müllner, Daniel Prof. Kreck Orientation reversal on manifolds
Neira Jimenez, Carolina Prof. Lesch Residue Traces on the Algebra of Pseudo-Differential Operators
Nemadjieu, Semplice Prof. Rumpf Finite Volume on Evolving Surfaces
Nemitz, Oliver Prof. Rumpf Partial Differential Equations on Very Large Implicit Surfaces
Olbermann, Martin Prof. Kreck Conjugations on 6-Manifolds
Olischläger, Nadine Prof. Rumpf Variational Methods for Surface Matching
Ottenburger, Sadeeb Prof. Kreck Symmetry And Exotic Differentiable Structures
Penegini, Matteo Prof. Huybrechts Induced Fourier-Mukai transform on Chow rings of K3 surfaces
Penzler, Patrick Prof. Otto Numerics for a Cahn--Hilliard--type equation
Philipowski, Robert Prof. Sturm Stochastische Teilchensysteme und nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen
Rej, Abhijnan Prof. Marcolli Hypersurfaces and motives from Feynman graphs
Röwer, Ann-Kathrin Prof. Sturm Entropic Measure
Rump, Tobias Prof. Otto Coarsening processes in thin liquid films: Analysis and numerics
Schlickewei, Ulrich Prof. Huybrechts Hodge classes and algebraic cycles on four-dimensional hyperkähler manifolds
Schwen, Ole Prof. Rumpf Composite Finite Elements for Complicated Geometries
Singer, Julia Prof. Schwede Kommutative Multiplikationen auf Moore-Spektren
Steiner, Jutta Prof. Otto Pattern Formation in Micromagnetics (see Cantero-Alvarez)
Terstiege, Ulrich Prof. Rapoport Ausgeartete Hirzebruch-Zagier-Zyklen
Torres, Rafael Prof. Marcolli Commutative Geometries
Veldman, Jip Prof. Koepke Models of set theory, large cardinals, and the mutual stationarity property
Vertman, Boris Prof. Lesch Refined Analytic Torsion on manifolds with boundary
Viazovska, Maryna Prof. Zagier Heights of Heegner points
Viehmann, Thomas Prof. Otto Pattern formation in micromagnetics (see Cantero-Alvarez)
Viehmann, Claus Prof. Karpinski Approximation Algorithms for Some NP-Hard Problems
Visy, Balazs Prof. Bödigheimer Graph homology and cell decomposition of moduli spaces
Wang, Juan Prof. Bödigheimer Generalized Snaith splitting
Wang, Rui Prof. Bödigheimer Rips filtration and norm filtration on group homology
Weber, Hendrik Prof. Sturm Stochastic Interface Models
Weiner, Arne Prof. Schwede A chain rule in Goodwillie Calculus
Zainy, Hussain Ahmad Prof. Marcolli Knots, coverings and correspondences
Zhang, Dapeng Prof. Marcolli Renormalization Flow on the Moduli Space of Dirac Operators for Standard Model