PhD Students

Name Country Thesis Defense Advisor Section Research Area
Anna Abczynski Germany On the Classification of Cohomology Bott Manifolds 2013-09-27 Matthias Kreck D
Clara Lucia Aldana_Dominguez Columbia Inverse spectral theory and relative determinants of elliptic operators on surfaces with cusps 2009-01-16 Werner Müller B
Manuel Arora Germany Extensibility of Association Schemes and GRH-Based Deterministic Polynomial Factoring 2013-03-12 Marek Karpinski, Nitin Saxena C
Adolfo Arroyo_Rabasa Mexico Lower semicontinuity, optimization and regularity of variational problems under general PDE constraints 2017-10-13 Stefan Müller B
Ulas Ayaz Turkey Sparse Recovery with Fusion Frames 2014-06-26 Holger Rauhut E
Martina Baar Germany Stochastic individual-based models of adaptive dynamics and applications to cancer immunotherapy 2017-02-24 Anton Bovier F
Kathrin Bacher Germany Curvature-Dimension Bounds and Functional Inequalities: Localization, Tensorization and Stability 2010-03-05 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Christoph Johann Bartoschek Germany Buffering algorithms 2014-07-11 Jens Vygen C
Kaveh Bashiri Germany Metastability for interacting particle systems 2020-04-24 Anton Bovier F B1
Arend Bayer Germany Semisimple Quantrum Cohomology, deformations of stability conditions and the derived category 2006-12-20 Yuri Ivanovich Manin D
Hanno Becker Germany Khovanov-Rozansky homology and matrix factorizations 2015-07-02 Catharina Stroppel D
Stefan Behrens Germany Smooth-4-Manifolds and Surface Diagrams 2014-05-20 Peter Teichner D
Alberto Bellardini Italy On GIT Compactified Jacobians via Relatively Complete Models and Logarithmic Geometry 2014-06-25 Gerd Faltings D
Niels Patriz Benedikter Germany Effective theories from many-body quantum mechanics 2014-04-30 Benjamin Schlein B
Christian Berghoff Germany Universelle elliptische Gauß-Summen und der Algorithmus von Schoof 2017-04-13 Jens Franke A
Benjamin Berkels Germany Joint methods in imaging based on diffuse image representations 2010-07-09 Martin Rumpf E
Soumya Bhattacharya India Factorization of holomorphic eta quotients 2014-12-10 Don Bernard Zagier D
Andrea Bianchi Italy Moduli spaces of branched coverings of the plane 2020-04-25 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Martin Bock Germany Beyond whole-cell motion reactive interpenetrating flow and elliptic Voronoi tessellation in two dimensions 2013-03-11 Wolfgang Alt B
Felix Boes Germany On moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces: new generators in their unstable homology and the homotopy type of their harmonic compactification 2018-06-05 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Bastian Bohn Germany Error analysis of regularized and unregularized least-squares regression discretized function spaces 2016-12-09 Michael Griebel E B2
Michael Bohn Germany On Rho invariants of fiber bundles 2009-07-17 Matthias Lesch B
Stefan Bold Germany Cardinals as Ultrapowers - A Canonical Measure Analysis under the Axiom of Determinacy 2009-11-05 Benedikt Loewe A
Anca-Juliana Bonciocat Romania Curvature bounds and heat kernels: discrete versus continuous spaces 2008-07-12 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Luigi Marcello Borasi Italy Probabilistic and differential geometric methods for relativistic and Euclidean Dirac and radiation fields 2019-07-19 Margherita Disertori F C1
Smii Boubaker Egypt Applications of generalized Feynman graphs to stochastic equations driven by Lévy noise 2006-12-11 Sergio Albeverio F
Emma Brakkee Netherlands Hodgetheorie spezieller Kählermannigfaltigkeiten 2019-10-16 Daniel Huybrechts A A1
Michael Bratsch Germany Spektraläquivalente Vorkonditionierung lokaler Operatoren Mittel H-Matrizen und das Landau-Lifschitz-Modell als Anwendung 2013-03-11 Mario Bebendorf E
Jürgen Braun Germany An Application of Kolmogorov's Superposition Theorem to Function Reconstruction in Higher Dimensions 2009-11-20 Michael Griebel E
Sina Brunsch Germany Parametric Model Order Reduction Using Sparse Grids 2017-07-28 Michael Griebel E
Simon Hendrik Buchholz Germany Renormalization in Discrete Elasticity 2019-18-28 Stefan Müller B C1
Markus Burkow Germany The numerical simulation of a three dimensional fluid sediment system on arbitrarily shaped domains 2016-06-30 Michael Griebel B
Glenn Byrenheid Germany Sparse representation of multivariate functions based on discrete point evaluations 2018-11-09 Michael Griebel E
Jan Büthe Germany Untersuchung der Primzahlzählfunktion und verwandter Funktionen 2015-03-24 Jens Franke A
Leonardo Cano Garcia Columbia Analytic dilation on complete manifolds with corners of codimension 2 2011-01-11 Werner Müller B
Ruben Cantero-Alvarez Germany Pattern, Wall and Vortex: A micromagnetic excursion 2009-10-19 Felix Otto B
Merlin Carl Germany Alternative Finestructural and Computational Approaches to Constructibility 2011-06-10 Peter Koepke A
Maria G. Castillo_Perez Mexico Twisted conjugation braidings and link invariants 2009-06-05 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Christof Cebulla Germany Synchronization and Synchronizability in Models of Neural Populations 2007-11-15 Sergio Albeverio F
Allan Chan Germany Energieskalierung, Gebietsverzweigung und SO(2)-Invarianz in einem fest-fest Phasenübergangsproblem 2013-07-19 Sergio Conti B
Athanasios Chatzikaleas Greece On the stability of the blowup for the wave maps and the cubic wave equation 2018-07-12 Donninger, Roland A
Meng Chen Switzerland Complex Multiplication, Rationality and Mirror Symmetry for Abelian Varieties and K3 Surfaces 2007-04-03 Daniel Huybrechts D
Tom Christiansen Germany Stochastic calculus in Riemannian polyhedra and martingales in metric spaces 2007-02-16 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Marcos Benjamin Cramer Germany Proof checking mathematical texts in controlled natural language 2013-10-07 Peter Koepke A
Pascal Cremer Germany Algorithms for Cell Layout 2019-04-05 Stefan Hougardy C
Roberto Croce Germany Numerische Simulation der Interaktion von inkompressiblen Zweiphasenströmungen mit Starrkörpern in drei Raumdimensionen 2010-06-25 Michael Griebel E
Klaus Dankwart Germany On the large-scale geometry of flat surfaces 2011-01-28 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Lorenzo Dello_Schiavo Italy Diffusions on Wasserstein Spaces 2019-11-26 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Giacomo di Gesu Italy Semiclassical spectral analysis of discrete Witten Laplacians 2013-04-26 Anton Bovier F
Luca Di Persio Italy Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals: Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Theory 2006-12-19 Sergio Albeverio F
Thomas Clemens Dickopf Germany On Multilevel Methods Based on Non-Nested Meshes 2010-11-18 Rolf Krause E
Patrick Diehl Germany Modeling and Simulation of cracks and fractures with peridynamics in brittle materials 2017-01-27 Marc Alexander Schweitzer E
Johannes Diermeier Germany Analysis of Martensitic Microstructures in Shape-Memory Alloys: A Low Volume-Fraction Limit 2016-09-27 Sergio Conti B
Ioanna Matilde Dimitriou Greece Symmetric Models, Singular Cardinal Patterns, and Indiscernibles 2011-12-16 Peter Koepke A
Boryana Dimitrova Bulgaria Obstruction theory for operadic algebras 2012-05-04 Stefan Schwede D
Ilya Dogolazky Russia Minimal Surfaces in Simplicial Complexes 2006-12-15 Werner_ Ballmann D
Nikolai Dourov Russia New Approach to Arakelov Geometry 2007-06-25 Gerd Faltings D
Jörg Drwenski Germany Numerical Methods for a reduced Model in Thin-Film Micromagnetics 2008-05-26 Felix Otto B
Polona Durcik Slovenia The continuous analysis of entangled multilinear forms and applications 2017-07-14 Christoph Thiele B
Ivan Dynov Russia Type III von Neumann algebras in the Theory of Infinite-dimensional Groups 2008-07-09 Matilde Marcolli D
Johannes Ebert Germany Characteristic classes of spin surface bundles: Applications of the Madsen-Weiss theory 2006-11-15 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Alexander Effland Germany Discrete Riemannian Calculus and A Posteriori Error Control on Shape Spaces 2017-12-13 Stefan Müller, Martin Rumpf B
Martin Engel Germany A Multigrid Method for the Efficient Numerical Solution of Optimization Problems Constrained by Partial Differential Equations 2009-05-15 Michael Griebel E
Nils-Edvin Enkelmann Germany Pseudoisotopy and automorphism groups of manifolds 2019-01-30 Wolfgang Lück D
Matthias Erbar Germany Ricci curvature and gradient flows of the entropy for jump processes 2013-02-26 Karl-Theodor Sturm B3 B3
Konstantin Fackeldey Germany The Weak Coupling Method for Coupling Continuum Mechanics with Molecular Dynamics 2009-04-01 Rolf Krause E
Ksenia Fedosova Russian Federation Selberg zeta function and relative analytic torsion for hyperbolic odd-dimensional orbifolds 2016-10-18 Werner Müller B
Uwe Wolfram Fermum Germany Modellierung und Existenztheorie dünner Filme auf evolvierenden Flächen 2010-06-21 Hans-Wilhelm Alt B
Anne Fernengel Germany An Easton-like Theorem for all Cardinais in ZF 2020-01-28 Peter Koepke A
Christian Feuersänger Germany Sparse Grid Methods for Higher Dimensional Approximation 2010-09-07 Michael Griebel E
José Alberto Fonseca_Castillo Costa Rica Scalable parallel simulation of variably saturated flow 2019-02-12 Carsten Burstedde E
Martina Franken Germany Variational Discretization of Higher Order Geometric Gradient Flows Based on Phase Field Models 2013-02-04 Martin Rumpf B
René Frings Germany Interlacing bei Exklusionsprozessen und Zufallsmatrizen 2014-01-29 Patrik Ferrari F
Tobias Fritz Germany Contributions to Quantum Probability 2010-06-25 Matilde Marcolli D
Barbara Fuchs Germany Numerical Methods for Uncertainty Quantification in Gas Network 2018-09-07 Jochen Garcke E
Florian Funke Germany The L2-Torsion polytope of groups and the integral Polytope 2018-01-22 Wolfgang Lück D
Elba Garcia-Failde Spain On discrete surfaces: Enumerative geometry, matrix models and universality classes via topological recursion 2018-10-11 Don Bernard Zagier D
Carina Geldhauser Germany The gradient flow of the double well potential and its appearance in interacting particle systems 2016-08-02 Anton Bovier F
Bogdan Georgiev Bulgaria On the geometry of nodal sets and nodal domains 2018-10-23 Werner_ Ballmann D
Michael Gester Germany VLSI Routing for Advanced Technology 2015-03-12 Jens Vygen C
Jan Geuenich Germany Quiver Modulations and Potential 2017-03-16 Jan Schröer A
Janusz Ginster Germany Plasticity as the gamma-limit of a Dislocation Energy 2016-12-21 Stefan Müller B
Paolo Giordano Italy Fermat Reals - Nilpotent Infinitesimals and Infinite Dimensional Spaces 2009-12-21 Sergio Albeverio F
Peter Gladbach Germany A phase-field model of dislocations on parallel slip planes 2016-12-20 Sergio Conti B
Christian Groß Germany A Unifying Theory for Nonlinear Additively and Multiplicatively Preconditioned Globalization Strategies: Convergence Results and Examples from the Field of Nonlinear Elastostatics and Elatodynamics 2009-09-11 Rolf Krause E
Daniel Gruhlke Germany Convergence of Multilevel MCMC methods on path spaces 2014-05-12 Andreas Eberle F
Thilo Grunwald-Henrich Germany Vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves and Yang-Baxter equations 2011-10-25 Priv.Doz. I. Burban D
Shaoming Guo China Hilbert transforms and maximal operators along planar vector fields 2015-07-06 Christoph Thiele B
Batu Güneysu Turkey On the Feynman-Kac formula for Schrödinger semigroups on vector bundles 2011-04-15 Matthias Lesch B B3
Eugene Ha Canada Quantum Statistical Mechanics of Shimura Varieties 2006-07-24 Matilde Marcolli D
Majid Hadian Jazi Iran Motivic Fundamental Groups and Integral Points 2010-07-12 Gerd Faltings D
Stefan Hainz Germany Eine Riemannsche Betrachtung des Reeb-Flusses 2006-12-13 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Jan Hamaekers Germany Tensor Product Multiscale Many-Particle Spaces with Finite-Order Weights for the Electronic Schrödinger Equation 2009-07-20 Michael Griebel E C1
Heinrich Hartmann Germany Mirror symmetry and stability conditions on K3 surfaces 2011-05-17 Daniel Huybrechts D
Lisa Hartung Germany Extremal Processes in Branching Brownian Motion and Friends 2016-06-20 Anton Bovier F
Davit Harutyunyan Armenia On the cross-gamma–convergence of the energies and the convergence of almost minimizers in infinite magnetic cylinders 2012-06-14 Stefan Müller B
Nicolas Haupt Germany Euler characteristics and geometric properties of quiver Grassmannians 2011-09-27 Jan Schröer A
Markus Hausmann Germany Symmetric products, subgroup lattices and filtrations of global K-theory 2016-06-14 Stefan Schwede D A2
Frederik Heber Germany Ein systematischer, linear skalierender Fragmentansatz für das Elektronenstrukturproblem 2014-02-12 Michael Griebel E
Behrend Heeren Germany Numerical Methods in Shape Spaces and Optimal Branching Patterns 2017-02-14 Martin Rumpf E B3
Andreas Heider Germany Two results from Morita theory of stable model categories 2007-08-29 Stefan Schwede D
Stephan Held Germany Timing closure in chip design 28-08-2012 Bernhard Korte C3
Eugen Hellmann Germany On arithmetic families of filtered phi-modules and crystalline representations 2011-04-21 Michael Rapoport D
Sebastian Hensel Germany Metric distortion of subgroups of mapping class groups 2011-12-21 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Anna Hermann Germany Faster Circuits for AND-OR Paths and Binary Addition 2020-07-10 Stephan Held C C4
Alexander Heß Germany Factorable Monoids: Resolutions and Homology via Discrete Morse Theory 2012-06-12 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Norman Hilbert Germany Lagrange Zylinder und minimale Annuli 2010-06-07 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Susanne Hilger Germany Statistical Mechanics of Gradient Models 2019-07-09 Stefan Müller B C1
Katharina Hofer Austria hp-finite elements for pde-constrained optimal control problems with focus on distributed control and fast solvers 2016-07-20 Sven Beuchler E
Michael Hoffmann Germany L2-index theory, the Chern conjecture and manifolds of special holonomy 2014-04-25 Werner_ Ballmann D
Johannes Holke Germany Scalable Algorithms for Parallel Tree-based adaptive Mesh Refinement with General Element Types 2018-07-06 Carsten Burstedde E
Markus Holtz Germany Sparse Grid Quadrature in High Dimensions with Applications in Finance and Insurance 2008-12-19 Michael Griebel E
Martin Huesmann Germany Optimal transport between random measures 2012-06-11 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Igor Huft Russia Einbettungen von logarithmischen Morrey-Räumen 2008-07-17 Jens Frehse B
Alexander Hullmann Germany The ANOVA decomposition and generalized sparse grid method for the high-dimensional backward Kolmogorov equation 2015-02-25 Michael Griebel E
Ryad Husseini Germany Jump processes with variable scaling parameters 2009-12-21 Karl-Theodor Sturm E
Katja Hutschenreuther Germany Über Starrheit der Ringspektren PmS(p) und Ko 2012-09-03 Stefan Schwede D
Richard Höfer Germany Sedimentation of Particle Suspensions in Stokes Flow 2019-07-23 Juan J. L. Velázquez B C1
Ingrid Irmer Australia The Curve Graph and Surface Construction in S x R 2010-12-10 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Nikolay Ivankov Russia Unbounded Bivariant K-theory and and Approach to Noncummutative Fréchet Spaces 2011-08-15 Marcolli, Matilde D
Victor Rodrigo Iza_Teran Ecuador Geometrical Methods for the Analysis of Simulation Bundles 2017-01-20 Jochen Garcke E
Lukas Jager Germany Fluid Density Approximation for an Implicit Solvent Model 2007-12-13 Michael Griebel E
Lars Thorge Jensen Germany Kazhdan-Lusztig theory Modulo p 2018-01-09 Williamson, G. A
Dominik John Germany Uniqueness and Stability near Stationary Solutions for the Thin-Film Equation in Multiple Space Dimensions with Small Initial Lipschitz Perturbations. 2013-09-16 Herbert Koch B
Nicolas Juillet France Optimal transport and geometric analysis in Heisenberg groups 2008-12-05 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Habiba Kalantarova Azerbaijan Local Smoothing and Well-Posedness Results for KP-II Type Equations 2015-01-26 Herbert Koch B
Martin Kalck Germany Singularity Categories 2013-05-29 Jan Schröer A
Michael Kemeny Australia Stable maps and singular curves on K3 surfaces 2015-06-11 Daniel Huybrechts D
Christian Ketterer Germany Ricci curvature bounds for warped products and cones 2014-06-05 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Liubov Khasina Germany Mathematische Behandlung von Mischungen elastoplastischer Substanzen 2008-06-25 Jens Frehse B
Myo Aye Khin Myanmar Complexity Regulations and the Inversion of Environmental Hydrological Distributed Models 2006-10-06 P.L.G. Vlek B
Clemens Kienzler Germany Flatness and Regularity for the Porous Medium Equation 2013-09-16 Herbert Koch B
Arthur Kierkels Netherlands On a kinetic equation arising in weak turbulence theory for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation 2016-12-12 Juan J. L. Velázquez B
Daniel Kirch Germany Construction of a Rapoport-Zink space for split GU(1, 1) in the ramified 2-adic case 2015-11-23 Michael Rapoport A
Margrit Klitz Germany Numerical Simulation of Droplets with Dynamic Contact Angles 2014-12-18 Michael Griebel E
Eva Kopfer Germany Heat Flows on Time-dependent Metric Measure Spaces 2017-12-19 Karl-Theodor Sturm F B3
Danica Kosanovic Serbia A topic in low-dimensional topology 2020-09-25 Peter Teichner D A3
Regula Krapf Switzerland Class forcing and second-order arithmetic 2017-01-12 Peter Koepke A
Achim Krause Germany Periodicity in motivic homotopy theory and over BP*BP 2018-06-26 Peter Teichner D
Anna Katharina Kraut Germany Stochastic and deterministic models for the evolution of heterogeneous populations: Multiscale approximation and applications to melanoma T-cell therapy 2020-07-03 Anton Bovier G B1
Thomas Kruse Germany Inverse Optimal Stopping and Optimal Closure of Illiquid Positions 2014-01-31 Stefan Ankirchner F
Robert Anselm Kucharczyk Germany On arithmetic properties of Fuchsian groups and Riemann surfaces 2015-01-12 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Sondre Kvamme Norway Comonads and Gorenstein Homological Algebra 2017-10-20 Jan Schröer A
Philipp Kühl Germany The Hotel of Algebraic Surgery 2014-06-26 Wolfgang Lück D
Andreas Kühnemund Germany Varianten des ACA-Verfahrens für Tensoren unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Symmetrie-Erhaltung 2013-03-25 Mario Bebendorf E
Stefan Körner Germany Mapping Properties of Bäcklund Transformations and the Asymptotic Stability of Soliton Solutions for the Nonlinear Schrödinger and Modified Korteweg-de-Vries Equation 2020-01-31 Herbert Koch B C4
Philipp Lampe Germany Quantum cluster algebras and the dual canonical basis 2011-02-28 Jan Schröer A
Markus Land Germany On the relation between K- and L-theory of complex C*-Algebras 2016-06-24 Wolfgang Lück D
Martin Langer Germany On the notion of order in the stable module category 2009-11-03 Stefan Schwede D
Marie-Amelie Lawn France Spinorial methods, para-complex and para-quaternionic geometry in the theory of submanifolds 2006-12-14 Werner_ Ballmann D
Martin Lenz Germany Modellierung und Simulation des effektiven Verhaltens von Grenzflächen in Metalllegierungen 2007-11-23 Martin Rumpf E C1
Nestor Leon_Delgado Spain Lagrangian Field Theories: ind/pro-approach an L∞-algebra of local observables 2018-05-04 Blohmann, C. D
Remi Lodh France Galois Cohomology of Fontaine Rings 2007-06-08 Gerd Faltings D
Johannes Loeffler Germany Singular propagators in deformation quantization and Shoikhet-Tsygan formality 2015-05-20 Carlo A. Rossi D
Christian Loeschcke Germany Spektraläquivalente Vorkonditionierung lokaler Operatoren Mittel H-Matrizen und das Landau-Lifschitz-Modell als Anwendung 2013-02-04 Otto, Felix B
Dominique Löbach Germany Regularity analysis for problems of elastoplasticity with hardening 2010-01-07 Jens Frehse B
Snigdhayan Mahanta India Algebraic Aspects of Noncommutative Tori: the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence 2007-08-10 Matilde Marcolli D
Mateusz Majka Poland Stability of stochastic differential equations with jumps by the coupling method 2017-09-27 Andreas Eberle F
Roland Marko Hungary On Approximability, Convergence and Limits of CSP Formulas 2016-07-18 Marek Karpinski F
Hermes J. Martinez-Navas Columbia Fourier-Mukai transform for twisted sheaves 2010-07-06 Daniel Huybrechts D
Henrik Matthiesen Germany On some variational problems in geometry 2018-07-30 Werner_ Ballmann D
Hannah Mayer Germany Contributions to Stochastic Modelling of the Immune System 2016-04-08 Anton Bovier F
Sebastian Mayer Germany Preasymptotic error bounds via metric entropy 2018-05-04 Michael Griebel E
Jens Maßberg Germany Facility Location and Clock Tree Synthesis 2009-12-18 Bernhard Korte C
Lennart Meier Germany Vereinigte elliptische Homologie 2012-08-22 Stefan Schwede D
Joanna Meinel Germany Affine nilTemperley-Lieb Algebras and Generalized Weyl Algebras: Combinatorics and Representation Theory 2016-07-29 Catharina Stroppel D
Sven Meinhardt Germany Stability conditions on derived categories 2008-05-07 Daniel Huybrechts C
Anton Mellit Ukraine Higher Green´s functions for Modular forms 2008-06-23 Don Bernard Zagier A
Georg Menz Germany Equilibrium dynamics of continuous unbounded spin 2011-05-09 Felix Otto B
Bram Mesland Holland Bivariant K-theory of groupoids and the noncommutative geometry of limit sets 2009-07-17 Matilde Marcolli D
Bram Metsch Netherlands Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) for Saddle Point Systems 2013-07-13 Michael Griebel E
Volker Meusers Germany Local L(2)-Cohomology of Shimura Varieties 2007-12-17 Jens Franke D
Andreas Mihatsch Germany Relative unitary RZ-spaces and the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma 2016-12-16 Michael Rapoport A
Johannes Mittmann Germany Independence in Algebraic Complexity Theory 2013-12-05 Nitin Saxena C
Khosro Monsef Shokri Iran The Zinger deformation of differential equations with maximal unipotent monodromy 2011-10-06 Don Bernard Zagier A
Philipp Morgenstern Germany Mesh Refinement Strategies for the Adaptive Isogeometric Method 2017-06-19 Peterseim, D. E
Dirk Müller Germany Fast Resource Sharing in VLSI Routing 2009-12-18 Bernhard Korte C C3
Patrick Müller Germany Limiting Properties of a Continuous Local Mean-Field Interacting Spin System 2016-08-09 Anton Bovier F
Jörn Müller Germany Zur Kohomologie und Spektraltheorie des Hodge-Laplaceoperators von Mannigfaltigkeiten mit gefaserter Spitzenmetrik 2009-03-26 Werner Müller B
Daniel Müllner Germany Orientation reversal of manifolds 2009-01-05 Matthias Kreck D
Carolina Neira Jimenez Columbia Cohomology of classes of symbols and classification of traces on corresponding classes of operators with non positive order 2010-06-25 Matthias Lesch B
Peter Nejjar Germany Shock Fluctuations in KPZ Growth Models 2015-09-25 Patrik Ferrari F
Simplice Nemadjieu Cameroon Finite Volume Methods for Advection Diffusion on Moving Interfaces and Application on surfactant driven thin film flow 2012-07-12 Martin Rumpf E
Oliver Nemitz Germany Anisotrope Verfahren in der Bildverarbeitung: Gradientenflüsse, Level-Sets und Narrow Bands 2008-12-15 Martin Rumpf E
Jutta Neuen Germany Cut Cell Methods in Global Atmospheric Dynamics 2014-02-12 Michael Griebel E
Christian Neuen Germany Simulation of Ion Migration with Particle Dynamics and the Heat-Poisson-Nernst-Planck System 2016-11-18 Michael Griebel E
Emanuel Nipper Germany Asymptotic behavior of quadratic differentials 2010-10-28 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Ana Njegomir Serbia Small embeddings, forcing with side conditions, and large cardinal characterizations 2019-02-20 Peter Koepke A
Alessandra Occelli Italy KPZ universality for Last Passage Percolation models 2019-09-05 Patrik Ferrari F B1
Philipp Ochsendorf Germany Timing-Driven Macro Placement 2019-03-22 Jens Vygen C
Jens Oettershagen Germany Construction of optimal cubature algorithms with applications to econometrics and uncertainty quantification 2017-03-10 Michael Griebel E
Dimitrios Oikonomopoulos Greece Functional Inequalities and Heat Kernel Asymptotics on Some Classes of Singular Riemannian Manifolds 2019-11-12 Matthias Lesch B B3
Nadine Olischläger Germany Processing Elastic Surfaces and Related Gradient Flows 2010-07-21 Martin Rumpf E
Witold Ossa Poland Eine neue Konstruktion der gewichteten Kohomologie 2007-03-23 Jens Franke A
Sadeeb Ottenburger Germany A diffeomorphism classification of 5- and 7-dimensional non-simply-connected homogeneous spaces 2009-06-26 Matthias Kreck D
Viktoriya Ozornova Ukraine Faktorabilität, diskrete Morse-theorie und eine Umformulierung der K(?,1)-Vermutung 2012-12-10 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Irakli Patchkoria Georgia Rigidity in equivariant stable homotopy theory 2013-07-29 Stefan Schwede D
Leonardo Patimo Italy Schubert calculus and Kazhdan-Lusztig theory 2018-01-09 Geordie Williamson A
Mark Pedron Germany Zero Partition Cycles 2017-02-03 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Patrick Penzler Germany Cahn-Hilliard-type Equations: Robust Discretization and Efficient Implementation 2009-04-09 Felix Otto B
João Nuno Pereira_Lourenço Portugal Théorie de Bruhat-Tits grassmanniennes affines et modèles locaux 2020-09-23 Peter Scholze A A1
Ricardo Perl Germany Isogeometric Approximation of Variational Problems for Shells 2016-04-12 Martin Rumpf E
Sven Peyer Germany Shortest Paths and Steiner Trees in VLSI Routing 2007-12-14 Bernhard Korte C
Jonathan Pfaff Germany Selberg and Ruelle zeta functions and the relative analytic torsion on complete odd-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds of finite volume 2012-07-11 Werner Müller B
Robert Philipowski Germany Stochastic Interacting Particle Systems and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations from Fluid Mechanics 2007-09-29 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Malte Pieper Germany Assembly Maps and Pseudoisotopy Functors 2018-07-18 Wolfgang Lück D
Jorge Plazas-Vargas Columbia Arithmetic structures on noncommutative tori with real multiplication 2007-01-15 Matilde Marcolli A
Angelo Profeta Germany Gluing of metric measure spaces and the heat equation with homogeneous dirichlet boundary values 2020-01-30 Karl-Theodor Sturm F
Jens Putzka Germany A Toolbox to Compute the Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups in Case of the Group SP2 (Z) 2012-10-30 Jens Franke, Günter Harder D
Danylo Radchenko Ukraine Higher cross-ratios and geometric functional equations for polylogarithms 2016-07-11 Don Bernard Zagier A
Moritz Rahn Germany On the theory of derivators 2011-09-30 Stefan Schwede D A2
Alexander Raisch Germany Finite Elemente Methoden für geometrische Probleme 2012-09-04 Bartels, Sören E
João Pedro Ramos Brazil Pointwise convergence, maximal functions and regularity issues in harmonic analysis 2020-01-30 Christoph Thiele B C4
Martin Raum Germany Dual weights in the theory of harmonic Siegel modular forms 2012-06-06 Don Bernard Zagier A
Timo Richarz Germany Affine Grassmannsche und geometrische Satakeäquivalenzen 2014-01-30 Michael Rapoport D
Charlotte Ricke Germany On tau-Tilting Theory and Perpendicular Categories 2016-09-12 Jan Schröer A
Ulrike Rieß Germany On irreducible symplectic varieties: Chow rings and base loci of certain line bundles 2017-01-23 Daniel Huybrechts D
Moritz Rodenhausen Germany Centralisers of polynomially growing automorphisms of free groups 2013-07-02 Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer D
Daniel Rohleder Germany Kippmoduln über deriviert speziell biseriellen Algebren 2012-04-20 Jan Schröer A
Constanze Roitzheim Germany Rigidity and Exotic Models for the K-local Stable Homotopy Category 2007-01-10 Stefan Schwede D
Igor Ronkine Ukraine Teichmüller curves in the Deligne-Mumford compactification 2008-11-14 Ursula Hamenstädt D
Joris Roos Germany Singular integrals and maximal operators related to Carleson's theorem and curves in the plane 2017-07-14 Christoph Thiele B
Saskia Roos Germany Spectral Theory on Geometric Operators 2018-09-06 Werner_ Ballmann A
Daniel Rotter Germany Timing-Constrained Global Routing with Buffered Steiner Trees 2017-06-02 Jens Vygen C
Tobias Rump Germany Coarsening processes in thin liquid films: Analysis and numerics 2008-05-21 Felix Otto B
Eris Runa Albania Mathematical Analysis of Lattice Gradient Models and Nonlinear Elasticity 2014-10-21 Stefan Müller B
Jean Andre Ruppenthal Germany Zur Regularität der Cauchy-Riemannschen Differentialgleichungen auf komplexen Räumen 2006-10-27 Ingo Lieb D
Angkana Rüland Germany On Some Rigidity Properties in PDEs 2014-03-28 Herbert Koch B
Henrik Rüping Germany The Farrell-Jones conjecture for some general linear groups 2013-04-23 Wolfgang Lück D
Alexander Rüttgers Germany Multiscale Simulation of Polymeric Fluids using Sparse Grids 2016-10-25 Michael Griebel E
Andreas Rätz Germany Modelling and Numerical Treatment of Diffuse Interface Models with Applications in Epitaxial Growth 2007-07-05 Priv.Doz. A. Voigt E
Antonio Sartori Italy Categorification of tensor powers of the vector representation of Uq(gl(1|1)) 2014-05-30 Catharina Stroppel D
Marc Sauerwein Germany Kooperative Interventionsforschung zur Förderung von Begriffsentwicklung zum Thema Symmetrie 2019-01-14 Rainer Kaenders A
Rudolf Scheifele Germany Timing-Constrained Global Routing with RC-Aware Steiner Trees and Routing Based Optimization 2019-06-07 Jens Vygen C
Ulrich Schlickewei Germany Hodge classes on self-products of K3 surfaces 2009-06-26 Daniel Huybrechts D
Richard Schmied Germany On Approximability of Bounded Instances of Selected Optimization Problems 2013-07-25 Marek Karpinski C
Jan Schneider Germany Transistor-Level Layout of Integrated Circuits 2014-07-11 Stefan Hougardy C
Peter Scholze Michael Rapoport
  • A2
  • A1
Ulrike Schorr Germany Algorithms for Circuit Sizing in VLSI Design 2016-03-11 Jens Vygen C
Tobias Bohumir Schottdorf Germany Global existence without decay 2013-09-10 Herbert Koch E
Stefan Schreieder Germany Construction problems in algebraic geometry and the Schottky problem 2015-11-10 Daniel Huybrechts D
Richard Schubert Germany On the effective properties of suspensions 2018-07-13 Barbara Niethammer B
Christian Schulte Germany Design Rules in VLSI Routing 2012-08-07 Jens Vygen C
Lars Ole Schwen Germany Composite Finite Elements for Trabecular Bone Microstructures 2010-10-07 Martin Rumpf E
Gisa Schäfer Germany Categorified Uq(sl2)-theory using Bar-Natan´s approach 2014-06-03 Catharina Stroppel D
Iuliia Semikina Ukraine The K-theoretic Farrell-Jones Conjecture with field coefficients 2018-10-04 Wolfgang Lück D A3
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