Ouroboros: Formal Criteria of Self-Reference in Mathematics and Philosophy

16. - 18. February 2018

Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

Endenicher Allee 60


Balthasar Grabmayr, Regula Krapf, Ana Njegomir, Deniz Sarikaya and Mira Sarikaya

Webpage: https://ouroboros2018.weebly.com/

While self-reference is deeply intertwined with logic and foundational aspects of mathematics, the notion itself is still surprisingly barely understood. For instance, it can be observed that in discussions regarding the nature of Visser’s and Yablo's paradoxes, often differing and vague concepts are applied. However, there has been recently several proposals of precise characterizations of self-reference. This workshop is intended to facilitate a discussion of such proposals, their interrelations and applicability to the paradoxes as well as their adequacy to capture the intuitive notion of self-reference.


Elke Brendel (University of Bonn)
Andrea Cantini (University of Florence)
Michał Godziszewski (University of Warsaw)
Volker Halbach (University of Oxford)
Joel David Hamkins (City University of New York)
Peter Koepke (University of Bonn)
Lavinia Picollo (MCMP, Munich)
Graham Priest (City University of New York)
Lorenzo Rossi (University of Salzburg)
Thomas Schindler (University of Cambridge/MCMP, Munich)
Albert Visser (University of Utrecht)
Philip Welch (University of Bristol)