Plücker Lecture 2007

Prof. Stefan Müller, MPI Leipzig
October 25-26, 2007


Julius Plücker (1801-1868)
was the first professor of mathematics and also of physics at the university of Bonn (founded 1818) from 1836 till 1868. To mathematicians he is known for his work in projective and analytic geometry; the Plücker coordinates can be found in any textbook in algebraic geometry. But he also did important work in physics, discovering the cathode rays. His most famous student was Felix Klein; unfortunately, Plücker died just when Klein was about to start a dissertation, which he then wrote under the supervision of A. Clebsch (Giessen); his local examiner in Bonn was R. Lipschitz.
 (The picture shows J. Plücker.)