Poster Exhibition 2008

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

In the exhibition of June 13th, 2008 by the Graduate School in Mathematics alone, we had 83 posters out of 110 current Ph.D. projects as well as five guests from the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters show projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

The posters are not genuine publications; if you are interested in a poster, please contact the author or supervisor. A volume of printed posters will be put in the library of the Department of Mathematics.

C.-F. Bödigheimer

participant advisor poster title
Aldana Dominguez, Clara Lucia Prof. Müller Inverse spectral theory and regularized determinants of elliptic operators.
Bacher, Kathrin Prof. Sturm Geometric Functional Inequalities On Metric Measure Spaces
Berkels, Benjamin Prof. Rumpf A Variational Framework for Simultaneous-Motion Estimation and Restoration of Motion-Blurred Video
Bock, Martin Prof. Alt Towards Cell Tissue Dynamics. Voronoi Tessellation and Stochastic Perturbations
Bold, Stefan PD. Dr. Löwe The Axiom of Determinacy: Cardinals as Ultrapower
Buch, Thomas Prof. Frehse Embedding and boundary analysis for anisotropic Besov-Morrey spaces
Cacic, Branimir Prof. Marcolli The Finite Geometry of the Noncommutative Standard Model
Cantero-Alvarez, Ruben Prof. Otto Stability in Micromagnetics
Carl, Merlin Prof. Koepke Naproche - NAtural language PROof CHEcking
Castillo Perez, Maria G. Prof. Bödigheimer On braidings B’ and and Turaev’s links invariants.
Croce, Roberto Prof. Griebel Simulation of Floating Rigid Bodies in Incompressible Two-Phase Flows
Dankwart, Klaus Prof. Hamenstädt Geometry of Teichmüller curves in moduli space
Dickopf, Thomas Clemens Prof. Krause Multiscale modeling & simulation of biological processes
Dimitriou, Ioanna Matilde Prof. Koepke Infinitary combinatorics withouth the axiom of choice
Engel, Martin Prof. Griebel A Multigrid Method for Constrained Optimal Control Problems
Fackeldey, Konstantin Prof. Krause A Function Space Oriented Multiscale Approach
Fermum, Uwe Wolfram Prof. Alt Thin film equations on evolving surfaces
Feuersänger, Christian Prof. Griebe Sparse grid methods for the high dimensional Fokker-Planck-Equation
Fritz, Tobias Prof. Marcoll Quantizing the Spectral Action by Functional Renormalization Group Equations?
Groß, Christian Prof. Krause On the Efficient and Robust Solution of Non-convex Constrained Minmization Problems
Groth, Moritz Prof. Schwede Stable model categories, stable infinity categories and triangulated derivators
Gruhlke, Daniel Prof. Eberle Speed of convergence of discrete time gradient flows
Güneysu, Batu Prof. Lesch Hida Distributions in Index Theory
Hadian Jazi, Majid Prof. Faltings Motivic Fundamental Groups and Siegel’s Theorem
Hamaekers, Jan Prof. Griebel Sparse grid methods for the electronic Schrödinger equation
Hartmann, Heinrich Prof. Huybrechts Mirror Symmetry for K3 Surfaces
Heber, Frederik Prof. Griebel Nanotubes in Magnetic Fields - A Perturbed Density Functional Treatment
Held, Stephan Prof. Korte, Prof. Vygen Performance Optimization in Chip Design
Hilbert, Norman Prof. Hamenstädt Lagrangian submanifolds and minimal surfaces
Holtz, Markus Prof. Griebel Numerical Simulation for High-Dimensional Problems in Financial Engineering and Risk Management
Horn, Helena Prof. Rumpf Variational Approach to Motion Extraction
Husseini, Ryad PD. Dr. Kaßmann Jump processes with variable scaling parameters
Irmer, Ingrid Prof. Hamenstädt The curve complex and surfaces hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Juillet, Nicolas Prof. Sturm, Prof. Pajot (Grenoble 1) Non linear interpolation of measures and sets in the Heisenberg group
Kalantarova, Habiba Prof. Koch Scattering at Solitons
Klitz, Margrit Prof. Griebel Fluid Flow Equations in Porous Media Applied to Textile Permeability Computations
Ko, Benjamin Hyensuk Prof. Hamenstädt The Weil-Petersson Metric
Kolvraa, Anders Prof. Zagier Explicit versions of Beilinson"s conjecture
Kreidl, Martin PD Dr. Görtz Affine Grassmannians and Flag Varieties in Unequal Characteristic
Lampe, Philipp Prof. Schröer Quantized universal enveloping algebras and dual canonical bases
Langer, Martin Prof. Schwede On the notion of Order in the Stable Module Category
Löbach, Dominique Prof. Frehse On the regularity properties of solutions for problems of elasto-plasticity
Martinez-Navas, Hermes J. Prof. Huybrechts Fourier-Mukai transform for twisted sheaves
Maßberg, Jens Prof. Korte, Prof. Vygen Clustering in Clock Tree Design
Menz, Georg Prof. Otto Equilibrium dynamics of interacting particle systems - mesoscopic scale
Mesland, Bram Prof. Marcolli Groupoids, KK-theory and noncommutative arithmetic geometry
Juillet, Nicolas Prof. Griebel The CGC-ML coarsening scheme for parallel AMG
Müller, Dirk Prof. Korte, Prof. Vygen Resource Sharing and Application to Global Routing
Müller, Jörn Prof. Müller Spectral theory for Laplace operators on manifolds with fibred cusp metrics
Müllner, Daniel Prof. Kreck Orientation reversal on manifolds
Neira Jimenez, Carolina Prof. Lesc Residue Traces on the Algebra of Pseudo-Differential Operators
Nemadjieu, Simplice Prof. Rumpf Finite Volumes On Evolving Surfaces
Nemitz, Oliver Prof. Rumpf Restoration of Gravures in Graph Surfaces by Anisotropoic Willmore Flow
Nipper, Emanuel Prof. Hamenstädt Global properties of quadratic differentials of Riemann surfaces
Olischläger, Nadine Prof. Rumpf Two step time discretization for the Willmore flow.
Paniccia, Irene Prof. Koch Stability of the line soliton for Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation
Putzka, Jens Prof. Franke, Prof. Harder Cohomology of Arithmetic Symplectic Groups
Röwer, Ann-Kathrin Prof. Sturm Obere Grenze großer Abweichungen reversibler Diffusions Prozesse
Schlickewei, Ulrich Prof. Huybrechts Real multiplication on K3 surfaces
Schmied, Richard Prof. Karpinski On Approximability of Selected Optimization Problems
Schweizer, Nikolaus Prof. Eberle Convergance Analysis of MCMC Methods for Multimodal Distributions
Schwen, Lars Ole Prof. Rumpf Homogenziation of Elasticity for Complicated Geometries
Sosna, Pawel Prof. Huybrechts Derived equivalent K3 surfaces via conjugation
Terstiege, Ulrich Prof. Rapoport Schnitte arithmetischer Hirzebruch-Zagier-Zykeln
Teusner, Martina Prof. Rump Different Mean Curvature Motion Models and an application in a two step time discretized Willmore Model
Torres Ruiz, Rafael Prof. Marcolli Smooth Structures on Non Simply-Connected 4-Manifolds.
Vantzos, Orestis Prof. Rumpf Natural Gradient Flow Discretization of Viscous Thin Films on Curved Geometries
Veldman, Jip Prof. Koepke Models of set theory, large cardinals, and the mutual stationarity property
Vertman, Boris Prof. Lesch The Analytic Torsion on manifolds with boundary and conical singularities
Viazovska, Maryna Prof. Zagier Heights of Heegner points
Viehmann, Claus Prof. Karpinski Approximation Algorithms for Some NP-Hard Problems
Viehmann, Thomas Prof. Otto Domain Branching in Uniaxial Ferromagnets. The Beauty of Nature and Energy Minimization
Visy, Balasz Prof. Bödigheimer Graph homology and cell decomposition of moduli spaces
Wang, Juan Prof. Bödigheimer Generalized Snaith-Splittings
Wang, Rui Prof. Bödigheimer Norm filtration of groups and moduli space of surfaces
Wang, Caifeng Prof. Eberle Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods and its application in image restoration
Weber, Hendrik Prof. Sturm Stochastic Interface Models
Weiner, Arne Prof. Schwede Homotopy Theory of S-bimodules, naive spectra and stable model categories
Wildenhues, Ralf Prof. Griebel Separated representations and applications
Wirth, Benedikt Prof. Rumpf Mumford-Shah-based elastic shape averaging
Zainy, Ahmad Prof. Marcolli Knots, coverings and correspondences
Zhang, Dapeng Prof. Marcolli NCG approach to Standard Model and the Moduli Space of Dirac Operators
Our guests were:    
Evans, Jonny, University of Cambridge Dr. I. Smith Sympectic actions of mapping class groups on representation varieties of curves.
Fester, Michael, University of Cambridge Prof. Scholl Ramification in higher norm fields
Kakde, Mahesh, University of Cambridge Prof. J.H. Coates Non-commutative Main Conjectures in Iwasawa Theory
Kool, Martijn, University of Oxford Prof. D.D. Joyce Moduli of Equivariant and Invariant Sheaves on Toric Varieties
Waldron Jack W., University of Cambridge Dr. I. Smith Braids, Links and the Symplectic Geometry of Milnor Fibres
Zabradi, Gergely, University of Cambridge Prof. J.H. Coates Pairings and functional equations over the GL2-extension