Poster Exhibition 2009

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

In the exhibition of July 2 and 3, 2009 members of the Graduate School in Mathematics contributed 97 posters out of 132 current Ph.D. projects. The exhibition also hosted seven guests from the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Princeton. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

Daniel Huybrechts

articipant advisor poster title
Adelsberger, Jutta Prof. Griebel Modeling and Simulation of Global Atmospheric Dynamics
Atwal, Pradeep Prof. Conti Hole-hole interaction in shape optimization via topology derivatives
Bacher, Kathrin Prof. Sturm Geometric Functional Inequalities On Metric Measure Spaces
Bartoschek, Christoph Johann Prof. Vygen Repeater Tree Construction in VLSI Design
Beecken, Malte Prof. Saxena Computational Algebra: Polynomial Identity Testing for Depth-4 Circuits
Belcher, Stephanie Michelle Prof. Zagier Coproduct on Multiple Zeta Values and relationship with Multiple Eisenstein series
Berkels, Benjamin Prof. Rumpf An unconstrained multiphase thresholding approach for image segmentation
Bhattacharya, Soumya Prof. Zagier Special Modular Units
Braun, Jürgen Prof. Griebel A Superposition Model for multi-dimensional Function Reconstruction
Buch, Thomas Prof. Frehse Embedding and boundary analysis for anisotropic Besov-Morrey spaces
Cacic, Branimir Prof. Marcolli Almost-Commutative Spectral Triples and Noncommutative-Geometric Field Theory
Cano Garcia, Leonardo Prof. Müller Spectral resolution for Laplacians on manifolds with cornes of codimension 2
Cantero-Alvarez, Ruben Prof. Otto Pattern, Walls and Vortex: A micromagnetic excursion
Carl, Merlin Prof. Koepke A new approach to Fine Structure and Core Models
Chan, Allan Prof. Conti Singularly pertubed variational problems from nonlinear elasticity
Cramer, Marcos Benjamin Prof. Koepke Naproche: Formal Mathematics in Controlled Natural Language
Dankwart, Klaus Prof. Hamenstädt Geometry of Teichmüller curves in moduli space
Dickopf, Thomas Clemens Prof. Krause Multilevel methods based on non-nested meshes
Dimitriou, Ioanna Matilde Prof. Koepke Infinitary combinatorics without the axiom of choice
Dimitrova, Boryana Prof. Schwede Algebraic Triangulated Categories from Structured Ring Spectra
Fermum, Uwe Wolfram Prof. Alt Existence of solutions for thin film equations on evolving curved surfaces
Fritz, Tobias Prof. Marcolli Generalized Probability: Quantum Mechanics vs. Generalized Rings
Groß, Christian Prof. Griebel Nonlinear Additively Preconditioned Globalization Strategies - Concepts, Convergence and Numerical Results
Groth, Moritz Prof. Krause Stable model categories, stable infinity categories and triangulated derivators
Gruhlke, Daniel Prof. Eberle Time-discrete approximations of stochastic gradient flows
Güneysu, Batu Prof. Lesch The Feynman-Kac formula and Malliavin calculus for Schrödinger operators on vector bundles
Hader, Bernard Prof. Sturm Stochastic evolutions on the Wasserstein space
Hadian Jazi, Majid Prof. Faltings Motivic Fundamental Groups and Siegel’s Theorem
Hartmann, Heinrich Prof. Huybrechts Mirror Symmetry for K3 Surfaces
Harutyuanan, Davit Prof. Müller The ? convergence of the energy of thin rectangular ferromagnetic films with a 180 degree domain wall
Heber, Frederik Prof. Griebel BOSSANOVA: A bond order dissection approach for efficient
Hellmann, Eugen Prof. Rapoport Coefficient spaces for ?-modules, and Kisin varieties
Henrich, Thilo Prof. Schröer, Dr. Burban Yang-Baxter equations and vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves
Hensel, Sebastian Prof. Hamenstädt Purely Pseudo-Anosov Subgroups of Mapping Class Groups
Heß, Alexander Prof. Bödigheimer Morse Functions on Moduli Spaces
Huesmann, Martin Prof. Sturm Allocation problems and Optimal transportation
Hutschenreuther, Katja Prof. Schwede Rigid Ringspectra
Irmer, Ingrid Prof. Hamenstädt The Curve Complex and Surfaces in Hyperbolic three Manifolds
Ivankov, Nikolay Prof. Marcolli Coverings in Noncommutative Geometry
Jarecki, Ann-Kathrin Prof. Sturm Large Deviation of Reversible Diffusion Processes
Kalantarova, Habiba Prof. Koch Scattering at Solitons
Kalck, Martin Prof. Schröer, Dr. Burban Autoequivalences of derived categories of gentle algebras
Kienzler, Clemens Prof. Koch Flatness and Regularity for the Porous Medium Equation
Klitz, Margrit Prof. Griebel Homogenisation and Numerical Simulation of Flow in Geometries with Textile Microstructures
Knott, Gereon Prof. Szekelyhidi Systems of Conservation Laws as Differential Inclusions and Compensated Compactness
Ko, Benjamin Hyensuk Prof. Hamenstädt The Weil-Petersson Metric
Kreidl, Martin Dr. Goertz Affine Grassmannians and Flag Varieties in Mixed Characteristic
Kühlwein, Daniel Prof. Koepke Naproche: The Naproche System
Lampe, Philipp Prof. Schröer Quantized universal enveloping algebras and dual canonical bases
Langer, Martin Prof. Schwede On the notion of order in the stable module category
Martinez-Navas, Hermes J. Prof. Huybrechts Fourier-Mukai transform for twisted sheaves
Maßberg, Jens Prof. Korte Clustering in Clock Tree Design
Meier, Lennart Prof. Schwede United Elliptic Homology
Menz, Georg Prof. Otto Equilibrium dynamics of interacting particle systems - mesoscopic scale
Metsch, Bram Prof. Griebel The CGC-ML coarsening scheme for parallel AMG
Miebach, Frank Prof. Sturm Optimal mass transportation on trees
Mitrou, Giannoula Prof. Harbrecht Derivative free methods in shape optimization
Mittmann, Johannes Prof. Saxena Determinant Identity Testing
Müller, Dirk Prof. Korte Resource Sharing and Application to Global Routing
Neira Jimenez, Carolina Prof. Lesch Residue Traces on the Algebra of Pseudo-Differential Operators
Nemadjieu, Simplice Prof. Rumpf Finite Volumes On Evolving Surfaces
Nipper, Emanuel Prof. Hamenstädt Global properties of quadratic differentials on Riemann surfaces
Olischläger, Nadine Prof. Rumpf Two step time discretization of Willmore flow
Ottenburger, Sadeeb Prof. Bödigheimer A diffeomorphism classification of non-simply-connected 5-manifolds
Ozornova, Viktoriya Prof. Bödigheimer Norm Filtration on Homology of Symmetric Groups
Paniccia, Irene Prof. Koch Stability of the line soliton for Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation
Patchkoria, Irakli Prof. Schwede Exotic equivalences for differential graded algebras
Poettering, Nicolas Prof. Schröer The Ringel-Hall algebra in characteristic zero
Putzka, Jens Prof. Harder Cohomology of Symplectic Groups: Fixed Point Sets
Raisch, Alexander Prof. Bartels Harmonic maps between surfaces, a FEM approach
Rohleder, Daniel Prof. Schröer Tilting modules over string algebras
Scaria, George Proffs. Marcolli, Manin Limiting modular symbols and iterated modular symbols
Schmied, Richard Prof. Karpinski On Approximability of Selected Optimization Problems
Schweizer, Nikolaus Prof. Eberle Analysis of Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
Schwen, Lars Ole Prof. Rumpf Composite Finite Elements for Discontinuous Coefficients
Smirnov, Maxim Prof. Manin Quantum cohomology, Stokes matrices and Dubrovin’s conjecture
Sosna, Pawel Prof. Huybrechts Derived categories of K3 surfaces under base change
Steiner, Jutta Prof. Otto Pattern Formation in Micromagnetics - The Concertina Pattern
Tene, Haggai Prof. Kreck Stratifolds and Equivariant Cohomology
Teusner, Martina Prof. Rumpf Reconstruction of 3D shapes by a given 2D apparent contour
Torres Ruiz, Rafael Prof. Marcolli Smooth Structures on Non Simply-Connected 4-Manifolds.
Vantzos, Orestis Prof. Rumpf Discrete Thin Film Flow on Curved Geometries
Veldman, Jip Prof. Koepke Models of set theory, large cardinals and the mutual stationarity property
Viazovska, Maryna Prof. Zagier Humbert surfaces and Siegel Eisenstein series
Viehmann, Claus Prof. Karpinski Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems
Walloth, Mirjam Proffs. Krause, Bartels A Time Discretization Scheme Based on Rothe’s Method for Dynamical Contact Problems with Friction
Wang, Rui Prof. Bödigheimer Macroscopic limits and various scalings in adaptive dynamics
Wang, Shidong Prof. Bovier Some computation on homology of moduli spaces of surfaces
Weber, Hendrik Prof. Sturm Stochastic Interface Models
Weiner, Arne Prof. Schwede Homotopy Theory of S-bimodules, naive ring spectra and stable model categories
Weinert, Thilo Prof. Koepke Cardinal invariants from continuous Ramsey theory
Weiß, Christian Dr. Möller Modular forms on Teichmüller curves
Wiedemann, Emil Prof. Szekelyhidi Weak Solutions of the Incompressible Euler Equations
Wildenhues, Ralf Prof. Griebel Separated representations and applications
Wirth, Benedikt Prof. Rumpf Geodesics in shape space via variational time discretization
Wissel, Daniel Prof. Griebel The Discrete Gauss Transform - Fast Approximation Algorithms
Zaspel, Peter Prof. Griebel Fluid Animation in Maya - Application of a Three-Dimensional Two-Phase Navier-Stokes Fluid Solver
Zwicknagl, Barbara Prof. Müller Special lattice parameters, interfacial energy and hysteresis in shape memory alloys
Our guests were:      
Deshpande, Dinesh V. Cambridge University Prof. Totaro Cohomology rings, Algebraic Cobordism and higher Chow groups
Rindler, Filip Oxford University Prof. Kristensen Characterization of Generalized Gradient Young Measures in W1,1 and BV
Witte, Jan Hendrick Oxford University Prof. Reisinger A Penalty based Finite Element Method for the Pricing of American Options
Cellarosi, Francesco Princeton University Prof. Sinai Limit Curlicue Measures for Theta Sums: Renormalization Dynamics and Continued Fractions
Wang, Zhiren Princeton University Prof. Lindenstrauss A Quantitative Result on Abelian Group Action of Toral Automorphisms
Yu, Pin Princeton University Prof. Klainerman On Hawking’s Local Rigidity Theorems for Charged Black Holes
Zertuche, Rodolfo Rios Princeton University Prof. Okounkov Bio-networks, protein expression, vector fields, and hamiltonian dynamics