Poster Exhibition 2010

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

In the exhibition of July 1 and 2, 2010 members of the Graduate School in Mathematics contributed 97 posters out of 127 current Ph.D. projects. The exhibition also hosted seven guests from the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Princeton. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis

Daniel Huybrechts

participant advisor poster title
Abczynski, Anna Prof. Kreck The diffeomorphism Type of Bott Manifolds Classification of B4
Adelsberger, Jutta Prof. Griebel Grid Generation in Global Atmospheric Dynamics
Atwal, Pradeep Prof. Conti Hole-hole interaction in shape optimization via topology derivatives
Ayaz, Ulas Prof. Rauhut Non-uniform Sparse Recovery with Gaussian Matrices
Bartoschek, Christoph Prof. Vygen Repeater Tree Construction in VLSI Design
Beecken, Malte Prof. Saxena Generalizations of the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
Behrens, Stefan Dr. Teichner Singular fibrations on 4-manifolds
Belcher, Stephanie Prof. Zagier Coproduct on Multiple Zeta Values and the relationship with Multiple Eisenstein series
Berkels, Benjamin Prof. Rumpf Reconstructing optical flow fields by motion inpainting
Bock, Martin Prof. W. Alt Radial symmetries and free boundaries: An application to crawling cells in biology
Bratsch, Michael Prof. Bebendorf Preservation of Side Constraints for Hierarchical Matrices
Cano Garcia, Leonardo Prof. W. Müller Spectral Analysis for Laplacians on manifolds with corner of codimension 2
Carl, Merlin Prof. Koepke A new approach to Fine Structure and Core Models
Chan, Allan Prof. Conti Singularly pertubed variational problems from nonlinear elasticity
Cramer, Marcos Prof. Koepke Presuppositions in mathematical proof texts
di Gésu, Giacomo Prof. Bovier Analysis of metastable Markov processes on the lattice graph via a discrete semiclassical Witten Laplacian
Dickopf, Thomas Prof. Krause A study of prolongation operators between non-nested meshes
Dimitriou, Ioanna Prof. Koepke Infinitary combinatorics in set theory without the axiom of choice
Dimitrova, Boryana Prof. Schwede Universal Toda Brackets of Commutative Ring Spectra
Erbar, Matthias Prof. Sturm Sharp interface limit for a discrete stochastic Allen-Cahn equation in 2D
Feuersänger, Christian Prof. Griebel Sparse grid methods for the high dimensional Fokker-Planck-Equation
Franken, Martina Prof. Rumpf Variational Time Discretization of Willmore Flow
Frings, René Prof. Ferrari Random matrices going down the stairs
Geihe, Benedict Prof. Rumpf Shape Optimization with Parametrized Fine Scale Geometry
Groth, Moritz Prof. Schwede On the relation of triangulated derivators and triangulated A?-categories
Gruhlke, Daniel Prof. Eberle Time-discrete approximations of stochastic gradient flows
Güneysu, Batu Prof. Lesch On vector-valued Schrödinger semigroups on manifolds
Hader, Bernard Prof. Sturm Stochastic evolutions on the Wasserstein space
Hartmann, Heinrich Prof. Huybrechts Cusps of the Kähler moduli space and degenerations of stability conditions
Harutyunyan, Davit Prof. S. Müller On the minimal energy scaling and the ?-convergence in magnetic nanowires
Hellmann, Eugen Prof. Rapoport Arithmetic families of filtered ?-modules
Henrich, Thilo Priv.Doz. Dr. Burban Yang-Baxter equations and vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves
Heß, Alexander Prof. Bödigheimer Morse Functions on Moduli Spaces
Hoffmann, Michael Prof. Ballmann Index Theory on noncompact manifolds
Huesmann, Martin Otto Josef Prof. Sturm Optimal Transport from Lebesgue to Poisson
Hullmann, Alexander Prof. Griebel Fast Methods for Partial Integro-Differential Equations
Hutschenreuther, Katja Prof. Schwede Rigid ring spectra
Irmer, Ingrid Prof. Hamenstädt The Curve Complex and Surfaces in hyperbolic three Manifolds
Ivankov, Nikolay Prof. Marcolli Geometric Morphisms in Unbounded KK-Theory
John, Dominik Prof. Koch Local Regularity for Solutions of the Thin-Film Equation
Kalantarova, Habiba Prof. Koch Scattering at Solitons
Kalck, Martin Prof. Schröer, Dr. Burban Non-commutative singularity categories and gentle algebras
Kienzler, Clemens Prof. Koch Flatness and Regularity for the Porous Medium Equation
Klitz, Margrit Prof. Griebel Homogenisation and Numerical Simulation of Flow in Geometries with Textile Microstructures
Knott, Gereon Prof. Szekelyhidi Compactness for Systems of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Kühlwein, Daniel Prof. Koepke Proof Graphs: Premise Selection in the Naproche System
Kühnemund, Andreas Prof. Bebendorf Adaptive Cross Approximation for Higher-order Tensors
Lampe, Philipp Prof. Schröer Quantum cluster algebras and the dual canonical basis
Loeschcke, Christian Prof. Otto Some observations concerning fluid dynamics
Martinez-Navas, Hermes J. Prof. Huybrechts Fourier-Mukai transform for twisted sheaves
Meier, Lennart Prof. Schwede United Elliptic Homology
Metsch, Bram Prof. Griebel The CGC-ML coarsening scheme for parallel AMG
Mittmann, Johannes Prof. Saxena Generalizations of the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
Olischläger, Nadine Prof. Rumpf Processing Elastic Surfaces and Related Gradient Flows
Ontiveros, Michael Prof. Zagier Modularity of Hypergeometric q-Series, Algebraic K-Theory, and Volumes of Hyperbolic 3- Manifolds: Introducing Nahm’s Conjecture
Ozornova, Viktoriya Prof. Bödigheimer Factorability of Groups
Paniccia, Irene Prof. Koch Instability for the generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation
Patchkoria, Irakli Prof. Schwede On the Algebraic Classification of Module Spectra
Poettering, Nicolas Prof. Schröer Euler characteristics of quiver Grassmannians and Ringel-Hall algebras
Putzka, Jens Prof. Harder The Cohomology of Sp2(Z) on Cells and Coefficients
Raisch, Alexander Prof. Bartels Harmonic maps between surfaces, a FEM approach
Rodenhausen, Moritz Prof. Bödigheimer Examples and Applications of Factorable Groups
Rohleder, Daniel Prof. Schröer Tilting modules over gentle and quasi-hereditary algebras
Runa, Eris Prof. S. Müller Gradient Gibbs Measures on lattice
Scaria, George Proffs. Marcolli, Manin Limiting modular symbols and iterated modular symbols
Schmied, Richard Prof. Karpinsky On Approximability of Bounded Degree Instances of Selected Optimization Problems
Schneider, Jan S. Hougardy From Rectangle Packing To Macro Placement
Scholze, Peter Prof. Rapoport On the l-adic representations defined by Shimura varieties
Schweizer, Nikolaus Prof. Eberle Analysis of Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
Schwen, Lars Ole Prof. Rumpf Numerical Homogenization of Trabecular Bone Specimens using Composite Finite Elements
Seis, Christian Prof. Otto Upper Bounds on Coarsening Rates in Demixing Binary Viscous Liquids
Slowik, Martin Prof. Bovier Metastability in Stochastic Dynamics: Random-Field Curie-Weiss-Potts Model
Smirnov, Maxim Prof. Manin Quantum cohomology, Stokes matrices and Dubrovin’s conjecture
Sosna, Pawel Prof. Huybrechts Scalar extensions and derived categories
Stein, Luba Prof. Bödigheimer Moduli spaces of fibre bundles over Riemannian surfaces
Steiner, Jutta Prof. Otto Pattern Formation in Micromagnetics - The Concertina Pattern
Struzyna, Markus Prof. Vygen VLSI Placement with Movebounds
Tene, Haggai Prof. Kreck Stratifolds and Equivariant Cohomology Theories
Vantzos, Orestis Prof. Rumpf Discrete Thin Film Flow on Curved Geometries
Veldman, Jip Prof. Koepke Symmetric Approximation Models and their Applications
Viazovska, Maryna Prof. Zagier Siegel Eisenstein series and Heegner points
Viehmann, Claus Prof. Karpinsky On the Approximability of Dense Instances of Cover Problems
Walloth, Mirjam Proffs. Krause, Bartels A new efficient and reliable a posteriori error estimator for contact problems
Wang, Rui Prof. Bödigheimer Some computations on homology of moduli spaces of surfaces
Wang, Shidong Prof. Bovier Macroscopic limits in locally regulated population dynamics
Weinert, Thilo Volker Prof. Koepke Cardinal characteristics from continuous Ramsey theory
Weiß, Christian Dr. M. Möller Twisted Teichmüller curves
Wiedemann, Emil Frederick Prof. Szekelyhidi Weak and Measure-Valued Solutions for the Euler Equations
Wildenhues, Ralf Prof. Griebel Separated representations and applications
Wissel, Daniel Prof. Griebel Fast Gauss Transforms and Applications in Machine Learning
Zaspel, Peter Prof. Griebel Towards a multi-GPU solver for the 3D twophase incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Zwicknagl, Barbara Prof. S. Müller Incompatibility and hysteresis in shape memory alloys