Poster Exhibition 2012

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

The Poster Exhibition 2012 took place Thursday 21 June 2012 (15:30-18:00) and Friday 22 June (14:00-15:30 followed by the departmental summer fête). Members of the Graduate School in Mathematics presented their Ph.D. projects in the form of a poster in the entrance area, the Lipschitz-Hall and Plücker room of the Mathematics Center. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

BIGS Poster Exhibition 21-22 June 2012


participant advisor poster title
Abczynski, Anna Kreck, M. Cohomology Bott manifolds and cohomological rigidity
Adelsberger, Jutta Griebel, M. Vertical Coordinates in Atmospheric Dynamics
Arora, Manuel Saxena, N. Combinatorial Schemes and Applications to Polynomial Factoring over Finite Fields
Ayaz, Ulaş Rauhut, H. Nonuniform Sparse Recovery with Fusion Frames
Bartoschek, Christoph Johann Vygen, J. Repeater Tree Construction in VLSI Design
Becker, Hanno Stroppel, C. Models for Singularity Categories
Behrens, Stefan Teichner, P. Surface Diagrams of 4-Manifolds
Bellardini, Alberto Faltings, G. The Relative Picard Functor and Logarithmic Geometry
Benedikter, Niels Patriz Schlein, B. Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the Gross-Pitaevskii Limit
Bhattacharya, Soumya Zagier, D. Finiteness of Simple Holomorphic Eta Products
Bierig, Claudio Chernov, A. Numerical Methods for Stochastic and Parametric Variational Inequalities
Bock, Martin Alt, W. Coupling of cytoplasm and adhesion determines cell polarization and locomotion
Bohn, Bastian Griebel, M. ANOVA-dimension-adaptive Sparse Grids for Nonlinear Manifold Learning
Bratsch, Michael Bebendorf, M. Preservation of Side Constraints for Hierarchical Matrices
Burkow, Markus Griebel, M. Numerical simulation of sediment transport processes
Büthe, Jan Franke, J. Analytic Methods for the algorithmic Investigation of the Prime Counting Function
Chan, Allan Conti, S. Singularly perturbed variational problems from nonlinear elasticity
Cramer, Marcos Benjamin Koepke, P. Higher-Order Dynamic Predicate Logic
Erbar, Matthias Sturm, K.-T. Ricci curvature of Markov chains and nonlocal operators
Fernengel, Anne Koepke, P. The 𝟐κ-function in Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory
Franken, Martina Rumpf, M. Variational Time Discretization of Willmore Flow
Frings, Rená Ferrari, P. Spatial Persistence for the Airy1 and Airy2 Processes
Geihe, Benedict Rumpf, M. A Posteriori Error Control for Two-Scale Elastic Shape Optimization
Geldhauser, Carina Bovier, A. Metastability Phenomena in the Allen Cahn stochastic PDE
Gesenhues, Jos Bebendorf, M. Improving the stability estimate for ACA
Golla, Tim Griebel, M. Simulation of oleodynamic properties of natural structures
Gruhlke, Daniel Eberle, A. Time-discrete approximations of stochastic gradient flows
Hader, Bernard Sturm, K.-T. Curvature on the Wasserstein space
Hartung, Lisa Bovier, A. The Random Energy Model at the critical temperature
Heber, Frederik Griebel, M. BOSSANOVA - A bond order dissection approach for efficient electronic structure calculations
Heeren, Behrend Rumpf, M. Time-Discrete Geodesics in Shell Spaces
Hofer, Katharina Beuchler, S. High-order finite element methods for optimal control problems
Hoffmann, Michael Ballmann, W. Index Theory and Special Holonomy
Hügel, Max Rauhut, H. Compressive sensing with radar applications
Hullmann, Alexander Griebel, M. Fast Methods for Partial Integro-Differential Equations
Joachimi, Ruth Hornbostel, J. Thick Ideals in Equivariant and Motivic Stable Homotopy Categories
John, Dominik Koch, H. On Uniqueness for the Thin-Film Equation
Kalantarova, Habiba Koch, H. Scattering at Solitons
Kalck, Martin Schröer, J., Burban, I. Triangulated categories in singularity theory
Ketterer, Christian Sturm, K.-T. Ricci Curvature Bounds for Euclidean Cones and Warped Products
Kienzler, Clemens Koch, H. Flatness and Regularity for the Porous Medium Equation
Klitz, Margrit Griebel, M. Homogenisation and Numerical Simulation of Flow in Geometries with Textile Microstructures
Kruse, Thomas Ankirchner Skewed Optimal Liquidation & Inverse Optimal Stopping
Kucharcyk, Robert Anselm Hamenstädt, U. Higher Dessins d’Enfants
Kühl, Philipp Lück, W. Surgery Exact Sequences and the Total Surgery Obstruction
Kühnemund, Andreas Bebendorf, M. Adaptive Cross Approximation for Higher-order Tensors
Kuske, Christian Bebendorf, M. Approximation of Multivariate Functions
Lam, Andrew Elliott, C. The Allen–Cahn equation on surfaces
Loeffler, Johannes Rossi, C.A. Logarithmic formality
Markó, Roland Karpinsky, M. On Approximability, Convergence and Limits of CSP Formulas
Meier, Lennart Schwede, S. United Elliptic Homology
Meinel, Joanna Stroppel, C. Tensor products of irreducible 𝔰𝔩2-modules: Decomposition rules and endomorphism rings
Meister, Sina Griebel, M. Parametric Model Order Reduction using Adaptive Sparse Grids
Metsch, Bram Griebel, M. The CGC-ML coarsening scheme for parallel AMG
Mittmann, Johannes Saxena, N. Algebraic Independence of Polynomials in Positive Characteristic
Müller, Patrick Erich Bovier, A. Regularity estimates for metastable diffusion process via coupling methods
Nahm, Torsten Koepke, P. Naproche: Formal Mathematics in Controlled Natural Language
Nejjar, Peter Ferrari, M. A new type of shock in TASEP
Neuen, Christian Griebel, M. Effects of nanostructures on macroscopic physical properties of graphene layers
Neukirch, Rebecca Bovier, A. Metastability in the Zero-Range Process
Oettershagen, Jens Griebel, M. Determination of Optimal Quadrature-rules in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Ozornova, Viktoriya Bödigheimer, C.-F. Factorability of Groups
Patchkoria, Irakli Schwede, S. Rigidity in Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory
Raisch, Alexander Bartels, S. Finite Elements Methods for Geometric Problems
Reinarz, Anne Chernov, A. Space-time Boundary Element Method for the Heat Equation
Richarz, Timo Rapoport, M. Geometric Satake Equivalences
Rodenhausen, Moritz Bödigheimer, C.-F. Centralisers of Dehn twists in Aut(F𝑛)and Out(F𝑛)
Rüland, Angkana Koch, H. Backward Uniqueness of the Heat Equation in Conical Domains
Runa, Eris Müller, S. Gradient Gibbs Measures on lattice
Rüping, Henrik Lück, W. Isomorphism conjectures in K- and L-theory
Rüttgers, Alexander Griebel, M. Multiscale Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Three Dimensions
Saccà, Giulia Tian, G. Abelian fibered Calabi-Yau manifolds and Enriques surfaces
Sartori, Antonio Stroppel, C. Categorification of tangle invariants and representations 𝑈𝑞(𝖌𝖑(1, 1))
Schmied, Richard Karpinsky, M. On Approximability of Bounded Degree Instances of Selected Optimization Problems
Schneider, Jan Hougardy, S. From the Theory of Packing Problems To an Industrial Leaf Layout Generator
Schottdorf, Tobias Bohumir Koch, H. Global existence without decay for quadratic Klein-Gordon equations
Silveira Salles, Tomás Geschke, S. Automorphisms of the Calkin Algebra
Smirnov, Maxim Manin, Y. Gromov-Witten invariants, moduli spaces and quantum cohomology
Spilioti, Polyxeni Müller, W. Ruelle Zeta function and Selberg Trace Formula
Stein, Luba Bödigheimer, C.-F. The Hilbert uniformization of flat G-bundles on Riemann surfaces
Steinerberger, Stefan Koch, H. Stability of Solitons for the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation
Stojanac, Željka Rauhut, H. Compressive sensing meets tensors
Suhl, Ulrike Vygen (Timing Driven) Placement in VLSI Design
Svejda, Adela Bovier, A. Convergence of time changes in random environments on infinite graphs
Szumiło, Karol Schwede, S. Cofibration Categories and Quasi-categories
Toelkes, Sascha Rumpf, M. A phase field method for elastic shape optimization and stochastic dominance
Uebis, Hannah Bovier, A. Stochastic modelling of the foreign particle recognition in T-Cells
Vantzos, Orestis Rumpf, M. Variational Discretization of Gradient Flows
Veldman, Jip Koepke, P. Approximated Symmetric Extensions
Venn, Raoul Bebendorf, M. Nested Matrix Approximation of the Helmholtz-Kernel
Viazovska, Maryna Zagier, D. CM values of higher Green’s functions
Viehmann, Claus Karpinsky, M. On the Approximability of Dense Instances of Covering Problems
Walloth, Mirjam Bartels, S. Adaptive numerical simulation of contact problems: Resolving local effects at the contact boundary in space and time
Weinert, Thilo Volker Geschke, S. Idiosynchchromatic Poetry
Wilms, Robert Faltings, G. The 𝛿-function in Arakelov geometry
Wissel, Daniel Griebel, M. Fast Approximation of the Discrete Gauss Transform in Higher Dimensions