Poster Exhibition 2015

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

The Poster Exhibition 2015 took place on Thursday 02 July 2015 (15:30-18:00) and Friday 03 July 2015 (14:00-15:30.) Members of the Graduate School in Mathematics presented their Ph.D. projects in the form of a poster in the entrance area, the Lipschitz-Hall and Plücker room of the Mathematics Center. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

Participant Poster Betreuer
Baar, Martina Vera Stochastic, individual-based models of adaptive dynamics Bovier, A.
Bärtschi, Merlin Surgery Theory and L-theory Teichner, P.
Berghoff, Christian Elliptic Gauß sums and Schoof’s algorithm Franke, J.
Boes, Felix Jonathan Homology of Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces Bödigheimer, C.-F.
Bohn, Bastian Discretized Nonlinear Manifold Learning - Sparse Grids and Error Analysis Griebel, M.
Borasi, Luigi Marcello Relativistic Quantum Fields and Poisson Random Fields Disertori, M.
Brunsch, Sina Parametric Model Order Reduction using Sparse Grids Griebel, M.
Burkow, Markus Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and corresponding sediment transport processes Griebel, M.
Byrenheid, Glenn Sampling recovery in spaces of dominating mixed smoothness Griebel, M, Ullrich, T.
Decker, Andreas Fast calculation of isogenies and modular invariants with regard to primality proofs Franke, J.
Diehl, Patrick Simulation of wave propagation and impact damage in brittle materials using Peridynamics Schweitzer, M.
Diermeier, Johannes A low-volume fraction limit for austenitemartensite interfaces in shape-memory alloys Conti, S.
Durcik, Polona Entangled multilinear singular integral forms Thiele, C.
Effland, Alexander Discrete Riemannian Calculus on Shape Space Rumpf, M. , Müller S.
Enkelmann, Nils-Edvin Pseudoisotopy and Automorphism Groups of Manifolds Lück, W.
Fedosova, Ksenia Analytic torsion of Bianchi orbifolds Müller, W.
Fernengel, Anne On the Continuum Function in Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory Koepke, P.
Fonseca Castillo, José Alberto Second order elements for the Stokes system with adaptive mesh refinement Burstedde, C.
Fuchs, Barbara Stochastic Collocation for DAEs Arising from Gas Network Simulation Garcke, J.
Funke, Florian Alexander and Thurston norms for free-by-cyclic groups Lück, W.
Garcia Failde, Elba Topological Recursion - Discrete surfaces counting Bödigheimer oder Lück
Geihe, Benedict Error estimates in elastic shape optimization / Numerics for an effective damage model Rumpf, M.
Geldhauser, Carina The continuum limit of a particle system with long-range interaction Bovier, A.
Georgiev, Bogdan Asymptotic Properties of Nodal Domains and Nodal Sets Ballmann, W.
Gesenhues, Jos Improving the stability estimate for ACA Bebendorf, M.
Ginster, Janusz Plasticity as the Limit of a Nonlinear Dislocation Energy with Mixed Growth Müller, S.
Gladbach, Peter Double relaxation in line-tension energies resulting from multiple slip planes Conti, S.
Guo, Shaoming Hilbert transforms along certain Lipschitz vector fields Thiele, C.
Hargesheimer, Fabian Approximability of the Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem Karpinsky, M.
Hartung, Lisa Variable speed Branching Brownian Motion Bovier, A.
Hausmann, Markus Symmetric products and subgroup lattices Schwede, S.
Heeren, Behrend PCA and Elastic Curves in Shape Spaces Rumpf, M.
Hofer, Katharina High-order finite element methods for optimal control problems Beuchler, S.
Holke, Johannes Parallel adaptive mesh refinement on simplicial meshes Burstedde, C.
Iza Teran, Victor Rodrigo Geometrical methods for the Analysis of Data Bundles Garcke, J.
Jensen, Lars Thorge Some Examples of the p-Canonical Basis Williamson, G
Kierkels, Arthur Hubertus Martinus On a Quadratic Kinetic Equation in Weak Turbulence Theory for NLS Velazquez, J.
Kirch, Daniel Construction of a Rapoport-Zink space for split GU(1,1) in the ramified 2-adic case Rapoport, M.
Kopfer, Eva Minimizing movement scheme for time dependent Gradient Flows in Probability Space Sturm, K.-Th.
Körner, Stefan Mapping Properties of Bäcklund Transform for NLS and Soliton Stability Koch, H.
Körschgen, Alexander The Homotopy Theory of Smooth Spectra Teichner, P.
Krapf, Regula Forcing with proper classes Koepke, P.
Krause, Achim The Associative Grassmannian Teichner, P.
Kvamme, Sondre Gorenstein Projective Modules for Tensor Product of Algebras Schröer, J.
Land, Markus K- and L-Theory of complex C -Algebras Lück, W.
Leon Delgado, Nestor Lagrangian Field Theories and Higher Structures Blohmann, C.
Majka, Mateusz Couplings and contractions for Lévy-driven stochastic differential equations Eberle, A.
Marko, Roland On Approximability, Convergence, and Limits of Constraint Satisfaction Problems Karpinsky, M.
Matthiesen, Henrik The Conformal Spectrum of a Riemannian Manifold Ballmann, W.
Mayer, Hannah A stochastic individual-based model for immunotherapy of cancer Bovier, A.
Meinel, Joanna The Affine NilTemperley-Lieb Algebra: Center and Applications Stroppel, C.
Mihatsch, Andreas On the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma Rapoport, M.
Morgenstern, Philipp Adaptive Mesh Refinement Strategies in Isogeometric Analysis Peterseim, D.
Müller, Patrick Erich Hydrodynamic Limit, Propagation of Chaos and Large Deviation for a continuous, interacting spin system Bovier, A.
Neuen, Christian Non-equilibrium hamiltonian dynamics  
Neukirch, Rebecca Adaptive Dynamics of the Mendelian Diploid Model Bovier, A.
Njegomir, Ana Forcing with finite sequences of models of two types Koepke, P.
Ochsendorf, Philipp BONNPLACE: A Self-Stabilizing Placement Framework Vygen, J.
Onkes, Lisa Mai Singularity Formation for Dispersive Waves Koch, H.
Patimo, Leonardo Light Leaves Basis of Indecomposable Soergel Bimodules Williamson, G
Perl, Ricardo Finite Element Approximation of Variational Shell Problems Rumpf, M.
Pieper, Malte Mario A natural stable parametrised h-cobordism theorem Lück, W.
Poguntke, Thomas Geometric Hall Algebras Dyckerhoff, T.
Pöttker, Henning Qualitative Behaviour of PDEs with Non-Diffusive Memory Velazquez, J.
Profeta, Angelo Analysis and Geometry in Metric Measure Spaces – Towards (Super-)Ricci Flow Sturm, K.-Th.
Radchenko, Danylo Geometric functional equations for polylogarithms Zagier, D.
Ricke, Charlotte On τ -tilting theo for completed string algebras Schröer, J.
Rieß, Ulrike Ample Line Bundles on Irreducible Symplectic Varieties Huybrechts, D.
Roos, Joris The parabolic Carleson operator with a quadratic polynomial phase Thiele, C.
Rotter, Daniel Global Routing with Timing Constraints Vygen, J.
Rüttgers, Alexander Multiscale Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Three Dimensions Griebel, M.
Sauerwein, Marc Michael Developmental Research Symmetry Kaenders, R.
Scheifele, Rudolf Steiner Trees with Bounded RC Delay Vygen, J.
Schorr, Ulrike Post-Routing Latch Optimization for Timing Closure Vygen, J.
Schubert, Richard Screening in interacting particle systems Niethammer, B.
Semikina, Iuliia On the Farrell-Jones Conjecture for algebraic K-theory Lück, W.
Silvanus, Jannik Floorplanning in VLSI Design Hougardy, S.
Simon, Stefan Numerical methods for shape spaces Rumpf, M.
Spiegel, Fabian Scalar Curvature Rigidity in a Conformal Setting Ballmann, W.
Stern, Walker Crossed Simplicial groups and Field Theories Dyckerhoff, T.
Stojanac, Zeljka Low rank Tensor Recovery using Theta Bodies Rauhut, H.
Throm, Sebastian Smoluchowski’s coagulation equation - Self-similar solutions with fat tails Niethammer, B.
Toelkes, Sascha A phase field method for elastic shape optimization on two scales Rumpf, M.
Uraltsev, Gennady The Polynomial Carleson Operator Outer - measures and variational estimates Thiele, C.
Viehmann, Claus On the Approximability of Dense Instances of Covering Problems Karpinsky, M.
von Puttkamer, Timm The Farrell-Jones Conjecture for Elementary Amenable Groups Lück, W.
Wilbert, Arik A combinatorial approach to Springer theory in type D Stroppel, C.
Wilms, Robert The Delta-Invariant in Arakelov Theory Faltings, G.
Wimmer, Christian Rational global stable homotopy theory Schwede, S.
Winter, Raphael Irreversible Dynamics in Collision free Particle Systems Velazquez, J.
Wu, Sa Problem dependent enrichment functions Meshfree Multiscale Methods for Solids Schweitzer, M.
Yeh, Hung-yu Periods of G2 manifolds from twisted connected sums Klemm, A.
Zerbini, Federico Simple and Multiple Zeta Values in closed Superstring Amplitudes Zagier, D.
Zillinger, Christian Linear Inviscid Damping for Monotone Shear Flows, Boundary Effects and Sharp Sobolev Regularity Koch, H.
Zimmer, Raphael Contraction Properties for Stochastic Dynamics in L1-Wasserstein Distances Eberle, A.