Poster Exhibition 2014

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

The Poster Exhibition 2014 took place Thursday 10 July 2014 (15:30-18:00) and Friday 11 July 2014 (14:00-15:30.) Members of the Graduate School in Mathematics presented their Ph.D. projects in the form of a poster in the entrance area, the Lipschitz-Hall and Plücker room of the Mathematics Center. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

BIGS Poster Exhibition 2014

Participant Supervisor Poster
Altinok, Duygu Sturm, K.-T. Interacting Particles and Allocation
Anschlag, Stefanie Huybrechts, D. The Hodge conjecture for products of surfaces
Arroyo Rabasa, Adolfo Müller, S. Variational systems with a perimeter penalization
Baar, Martina Vera Bovier, A. Stochastic individual-based models of Adaptive Dynamics
Becker, Hanno Stroppel, C. Khovanov-Rozansky homology
Berghoff, Christian Franke, J. Elliptic Gauß sums and Schoof’s algorithm
Bhattacharya, Soumya Zagier, D. Factorisation and irreducibility of holomorphic eta quotients
Bohn, Bastian Griebel, M. Discretized Nonlinear Manifold Learning - Sparse Grids and Error Analysis
Brunsch, Sina Griebel, M. Parametric Model Order Reduction using Sparse Grids
Burkow, Markus Griebel, M. Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and corresponding sediment transport processes
Byrenheid, Glenn Griebel, M, Ullrich, T. Sampling on energy-norm based sparse grids
Decker, Andreas Franke, J. Fast calculation of isogenies and modular invariants with regard to primality proofs
Diehl, Patrick Schweitzer, M. Simulation of wave propagation and impact damage in brittle materials using Peridynamics
Diermeier, Johannes Conti, S. A low-volume fraction limit for austenite-martensiteinterfaces in shape-memory alloys
Durcik, Polona Thiele, C. On some multilinear singular integral operators
Effland, Alexander Rumpf, M.,Müller S. Discrete Riemannian Calculus on Shape Space
Enkelmann, Nils-Edvin Lück, W. Pseudoisotopy and Automorphism Groups of Manifolds
Fedosova, Ksenia Müller, W. Analytic torsion and cohomology of arithmetic groups
Fernengel, Anne Koepke, P. On the Continuum Function in Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory
Fuchs, Barbara Garcke, J. Stochastic Collocation for DAEs Arising from Gas Network Simulation
Funke, Florian Lück, W. Approximation of L2-Invariants in Group Theory
Geihe, Benedict Rumpf, M. Approximation of Optimal Microstructures in Elastic Shape Optimization
Gesenhues, Jos Bebendorf, M. Improving the stability estimate for ACA
Gester, Michael Vygen, J. VLSI Routing for Advanced Technology Nodes
Geuenich, Jan Schröer Species with Potentials Arising from Triangulations
Ginster, Janusz Müller, S. Generalised rigidity in mixed-growth plasticity
Gladbach, Peter Conti, S. Double relaxation in line-tension energies resulting from multiple slip planes
Guo, Shaoming Thiele, C. Hilbert transform along measurable vector fields constant on Lipschitz curves
Hargesheimer, Fabian Karpinsky, M. Approximability of the Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem
Hartung, Lisa Bovier, A. Variable speed Branching Brownian Motion
Hausmann, Markus Schwede, S. Filtrations, lattices and global equivariant homotopy theory
Heeren, Behrend Rumpf, M. Exploring the Geometry of the Space of Shells
Hofer, Katharina Beuchler, S. High-order finite element methods for optimal control problems
Hornung, Nils Garcke, J. Reproducing Kernels and Symmentries of Differential Equations
Hügel, Max Rauhut, H. Compressive Sensing with Radar Applications
Hullmann, Alexander Griebel, M. Fast Methods for Partial Integro-Differential Equations
Iza Teran, Victor Rodrigo Garcke, J. Orbifolds for the Analysis of Simulation Bundles
Jensen, Lars Thorge Williamson, G. Faithfulness of the 2-braid group
Kierkels, Arthur Hubertus Martinus Velazquez, J. Transfer of Energy in the Theory of Weak Turbulence for NLS
Kirch, Daniel Rapoport, M. Towards an alternative description of the Drinfel’d 2-adic halfplane
Kopfer, Eva Sturm, K.-Th. Transportation metrics of chemical reactions
Körschgen, Alexander Teichner, P. The Homotopy Theory of Smooth Spectra
Krapf, Regula Koepke, P. Topological Regularity and Determinacy in Second Order Arithmetic
Krause, Achim Teichner, P. Field theories and topological modular forms
Kucharczyk, Robert Anselm Hamenstädt, U. Fuchsian Groups and Number Theory
Land, Markus Lück, W. Comparing K- and L-theory in the Case of Complex C -algebras
Leon Delgado, Nestor Blohmann, C. Lagrangian Field Theories and Higher Structures
Loeffler, Johannes Rossi, C.A. Logarithmic deformation quantization
Marko, Roland Karpinsky, M. On Approximability, Convergence and Limits of CSP Formulas
Mayer, Sebastian Griebel, M.; Ullrich, T. Randomized Dimensionality Reduction for Binary Classification
Mayer, Hannah Bovier, A. Stochastic modelling of T-cell activation
Meinel, Joanna Stroppel, C. The Affine NilTemperley-Lieb Algebra: Basis, Center, Cellular Structure
Morgenstern, Philipp Peterseim, D. Adaptive analysis-suitable T-mesh refinement with linear complexity
Müller, Patrick Erich Bovier, A. Metastability in Stochastic Dynamics
Nejjar, Peter Ferrari, P. Competition interfaces and 2nd class particles
Neuen, Christian Griebel, M. Non-equilibrium hamiltonian dynamics
Neukirch, Rebecca Bovier, A. Adaptive Dynamics of the Mendelian Diploid Model
Oettershagen, Jens Griebel, M. Optimal approximation in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
Perl, Ricardo Rumpf, M. Finite Element Approximation of Variational Shell Problems
Pieper, Malte Mario Lück, W. Assembly maps and pseudoisotopy functors
Pöttker, Henning Velazquez, J. Qualitative Behaviour of PDEs with Non-Diffusive Memory
Radchenko, Danylo Zagier, D. Polylogarithms and Dedekind zeta functions
Ricke, Charlotte Schröer, J. Strongly reduced components
Rieß, Ulrike Huybrechts, D. Chow Rings of Irreducible Symplectic Varieties
Roos, Joris Thiele, C. The parabolic Carleson operator with a quadratic polynomial phase
Rotter, Daniel Vygen, J. Shallow light Steiner trees and their application in Wire Synthesis
Rüttgers, Alexander Griebel, M. Multiscale Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Three Dimensions
Schorr, Ulrike Vygen, J. Post-Routing Latch Optimization for Timing Closure
Schreieder, Stefan Huybrechts, D. New results on the Schottky problem
Schubert, Richard Niethammer, B. Screening in interacting particle systems
Silveira Salles, Tomás Geschke, S. The shift on the algebra Ρ(ω)/fin and quotients of ßω \ω
Spiegel, Fabian Ballmann, W. Scalar curvature rigidity theorems and versions of Min-Oo’s conjecture
Spilioti, Polyxeni Müller, W. Selberg and Ruelle zeta functions on compact hyperbolic odd dimensional manifolds
Stojanac, Zeljka Rauhut, H. Low-rank Tensor Recovery using Theta Bodies
Szumiło, Karol Schwede, S. Two Models for the Homotopy Theory of Cocomplete Homotopy Theories
Throm, Sebastian Niethammer, B. Smoluchowski’s coagulation equation- Self-similar solutions with fat tails
Toelkes, Sascha Rumpf, M. A phase field method for elastic shape optimization on two scales
Uraltsev, Gennady Koch, H. The Polynomial Carleson Operator Outer measures and variational estimates
Venn, Raoul Bebendorf, M. Nested Matrix Approximation of the Helmholtz-Kernel
Viehmann, Claus Karpinsky, M. On the Approximability of Dense Instances of Covering Problems
Wilbert, Arik Stroppel, C. Topological Springer fibers for the even orthogonal group
Wilms, Robert Faltings, G. “How smooth” is a smooth curve? The δ-function in Arakelov geometry
Wimmer, Christian Schwede, S. Rational global stable homotopy theory
Winter, Raphael Velazquez, J. Irreversible Dynamics in collision free Particle Systems
Wissel, Daniel Griebel, M. Fast Approximation of the Discrete Gauss Transform in Higher Dimensions
Wu, Sa Schweitzer, M. Meshfree Multiscale Methods for Solids
Yeh, Hung-yu Klemm, A. Periods on Calabi-Yau fourfolds
Zaspel, Peter Griebel, M. Kernel-based multi-GPU parallel uncertainty quantification with applications in CFD
Zerbini, Federico Zagier, D. Multiple Zeta Values in Type II Superstring Amplitudes
Zillinger, Christian Koch, H. Linear Inviscid Damping for Monotone Shear Flows
Zimmer, Raphael Eberle, A. Contraction Properties for Stochastic Dynamics in L1-Wasserstein Distance