Poster Exhibition 2017

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

The Poster Exhibition 2017 took place on Thursday 06 July 2017 (15:30-18:00) and Friday 07 July 2017 (15:00-16:30.) Members of the Graduate School in Mathematics presented their Ph.D. projects in the form of a poster in the Mathematics Center. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

participant advisor poster title
Ahrens, Markus Vygen, J. Design Rule Aware Path Search in VLSI Detailed Routing
Arnold, Bertram Teichner,P. Supergeometry and Parallel Transport
Bashiri, Kaveh Bovier, A. Metastability for Kawasaki dynamics in 2D and in low temperature
Bianchi,Andrea Bödigheimer, C.-F. Homology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces: Detecting classes using exp spaces
Boes, Felix Jonathan Bödigheimer, C.-F. The homology of Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces
Borasi, Luigi Marcello Disertori, M. Toward a probabilistic model for Dirac fields
Brakkee, Emma Huybrechts, D. K3 surfaces and cubic fourfolds
Brügmann, Daniel Teichner, P. Spectra, K-theory and Stacks
Buchholz, Simon Hendrik Müller, S. Renormalisation in Discrete Elasticity
Chatzikaleas, Athanasios Donninger, R. Blow-Up of Co-rotational Wave Maps from the Minkowski space to the Sphere
Cremer, Pascal Hougardy, S. Automatic Cell Layout in the 7nm Era
Daboul, Siad Held, S. Algorithms for Vt optimization and gate sizing
Dello Schiavo, Lorenzo Sturm, K.-T. Dirichlet–Ferguson and Wasserstein diffusions
Eichenberg, Constantin Niethammer, B. Growth and Coarsening in a Discrete Mass Transfer Model
Fels, Maximilian Bovier, A. Extremes of the scale-inhomogeneous Discrete Gaussian Free Field
Fonseca Castillo, José Alberto Burstedde, C. Scalable Subsurface Flow Simulations with PARFLOW
Fraccaroli, Marco Thiele, C. On distributions with GL2® dilation symmetry
Fuchs, Barbara Garcke, J. Simplex Stochastic Collocation for DAEs Arising from Gas Network Simulation
Funke, Florian Lück, W. The L2-torsion polytope of groups
Garcia Failde, Elba Zagier, D. Nesting statistics in the O(n) loop model on random maps of any topology
Georgiev, Bogdan Ballmann, W. Some results on the geometry of nodal domains and nodal sets
Grosse-Brauckmann, Isabell Huybrechts, D. Lagrangian intersections in moduli spaces
Henneke, Fabian Lück, W. L2-invariants, K-theory and geometric applications
Hermann, Anna Held, S. Delay of AND-OR-Paths
Hilger, Susanne Müller, S. Statistical Mechanics of Gradient Interface Models
Höfer, Richard Velasquez Particle Sedimentation in Stokes Flows
Holke, Johannes Burstedde, C. Parallel adaptive mesh refinement on simplicial meshes
Hornshaw, David Francis Sturm, K.-Th. L2-Wasserstein distances on noncommutative densities
Huber, Pascal Rumpf, M. Smooth Interpolation of Key Frames in a Riemannian Shell Space
Jensen, Lars Thorge Williamson, G The ABC of p-cells
Kacwin, Christopher Griebel Path integrals & high-dimensional numerical integration
Kopfer, Eva Sturm, K.-Th. Heat flows on time-dependent metric measure spaces and super-Ricci flows
Körschgen, Alexander Teichner, P. A Comparison of two Models of Orbispaces with respect to Compact Lie Groups
Kosanovic, Danica Teichner, P. Revisiting the Arf invariant - Seifert surfaces in the four-ball
Krause, Achim Teichner, P. Vanishing lines and Periodicity in Motivic Homotopy Theory over C.
Kraut, Anna Katharina Bovier, A. Adaptive Dynamics on the Hypercube and an Application in Cancer Therapy
Kvamme, Sondre Schröer, J. A generalization of finite-dimensional Iwanaga-Gorenstein algebras
Lackmann, Malte Mario Lück Almost crystallographic groups
Lager, Mareike Disertori, M. Random Band Matrices and Random Schrödinger Operators via the Supersymmetric Approach
Matthiesen, Henrik Ballmann, W. Sharp eigenvalue bounds on surfaces
Mkrtchyan, Anna Stroppel, C. On the Schur-Weyl duality for Double Affine BMW algebras
Njegomir, Ana Koepke, P. Forcing with finite sequences of models and characterization of some large cardinals
Occelli, Alessandra Ferrari Universality of the GOE Tracy-Widom distribution for TASEP with arbitrary particle density
Ochsendorf, Philipp Vygen, J. BONNPLACE: A Self-Stabilizing Placement Framework
Oikonomopoulos, Dimitrios Lesch Analytic Aspects of Differential Operators adapted to Stratified Spaces
Onkes, Lisa Mai Koch, H. Singularity Formation for Dispersive Waves
Pieper, Malte Mario Lück, W. The Farrell-Jones Conjecture in A–theory
Poguntke, Thomas Dyckerhoff, T. Equivariant motivic Hall algebras
Profeta, Angelo Sturm, K.-Th. Heat Flow with Dirichlet Boundary Condition on Metric Measure Spaces
Ramos, João Pedro Thiele, C. On the equivalence of root uncertainty principles
Ritschl, Tillman Jakob Koch, H. Asymptotic stability of solitons of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Roos, Saskia Ballmann, W. Codimension one collapse under bounded curvature and diameter
Saccardi, Pietro Vygen, J. Global routing with exact pin positions
Sauerwein, Marc Michael Kaenders, R. Developmental Research Algebraic Expressions
Scheifele, Rudolf Vygen, J. RC-Aware Global Routing
Schubert, Richard Niethammer, B. Screening in interacting particle systems
Schweiger, Florian Müller, S. Energy scaling and regularity in models with microstructure
Silvanus, Jannik Hougardy, S. Floorplanning in VLSI Design
Simon, Stefan Rumpf, M. Numerical Simulation of Optimal Transport on Finite Markov Chains
Stern, Walker Dyckerhoff, T. Field Theories, Spans and Crossed Simplicial Groups
Toelkes, Sascha Rumpf, M. Stochastic Dominance Constraints in Elastic Shape Optimization
Viaggi, Gabriele Hamenstädt Geometric Invariants of random Hyperbolic 3 Manifolds
von Puttkamer, Timm Lück, W. Conjugacy Growth of Groups and Finiteness of Classifying Spaces
Walde, Tashi Stroppel, C. Higher structured operads and 2-Segal spaces
Warchalski, Michał Thiele, C. Uniform estimates and outer Lp spaces
Wilbert, Arik Stroppel, C. Two-row Springer fibers of types C & D: Topology and Representation Theory
Winter, Raphael Velazquez, J. From a non-Markovian system to the Landau equation
Zachhuber, Immanuel Gubinelli, M. Hyperbolic and dispersive singular stochastic PDEs