Poster Exhibition 2018

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics holds a poster exhibition of current Ph.D. projects each summer term. In the years 2002 to 2006 this was done jointly with the department of physics and astronomy. Since 2007 the poster exhibition is being organised by the Graduate School in Mathematics.

The Poster Exhibition 2018 took place on Thursday 05 July 2018 (15:30-18:00) and Friday 06 July 2018 (14:30-15:45.) Members of the Graduate School in Mathematics presented their Ph.D. projects in the form of a poster in the Mathematics Center. All areas of mathematics were represented and the posters showed projects at all stages, from an early sketch to the almost finished thesis.

Participant Poster Supervisor
Ahrens, Markus Design Rule Aware Path Search in VLSI Detailed Routing Vygen, J.
Barashkov, Nikolay A variational construction of the φ measure Gubinelli, M.
Bashiri, Kaveh Gradient flow approach to local mean-field spin systems Bovier, A.
Bianchi, Andrea Rational homology of moduli spaces of surfaces with punctures Bödigheimer, C.-F.
Bihler, Tilmann Reach- and Direction-Restricted Rectilinear Steiner Trees Vygen, J.
Borasi, Luigi Marcello Regular representation of the spin group and a geometric stochastic model for finite systems of Fermions Disertori, M.
Brakkee, Emma Two polarized K3 surfaces associated to the same cubic fourfold Huybrechts, D.
Brückerhoff-Plückelmann, Martin A Mass Transportation Approach to the Peacock Problem Sturm, K.-T.
Brügmann, Daniel Factorization Algebras and Completions of Vertex Algebras Teichner, P.
Buchholz, Simon Hendrik Renormalisation in Discrete Elasticity Müller, S.
Chatzikaleas, Athanasios Stable Blowup for the Wave Maps Equation and the Cubic Wave Equation Donninger, R./Conti
Cicmilovic, Dimitrije Symplectic non-squeezing theorem in Hilbert space Koch, H.
Cremer, Pascal BonnCell: Automatic Cell Layout Hougardy, S.
Daboul, Siad Algorithms for Vt optimization and gate sizing Held, S.
Dello Schiavo, Lorenzo Dirichlet–Ferguson and Wasserstein diffusions Sturm, K.-T.
Diebou, Gael Carleson Measures and Well-posedness for the Navier-Stokes Equations/ On Some Korn Type Inequalities Koch, H.
Eichenberg, Constantin Coarsening rates and the discrete Fast Diffusion Equation Niethammer, B.
Fels, Maximilian Extremes of the Discrete Gaussian Free Field with inhomogeneous variance Bovier, A.
Fernengel, Anne An Easton-like Theorem for Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory Without Choice Koepke, P.
Fraccaroli, Marco A uniform restriction theorem for convex curves in R2 Thiele, C.
Fuchs, Barbara Simplex Stochastic Collocation for DAEs Arising from Gas Network Simulation Garcke, J.
Fürst, Oliver Well-posedness problems for operator-valued ODE’s Lesch, M.
Garcia Failde, Elba Simple maps, Hurwitz numbers and topological recursion Zagier, D.
Giacchetto, Alessandro Topological recursion and quantum Airy structures Borot, Gaëtan
Grosse-Brauckmann, Isabell Irreducible components of the nilpotent cone Huybrechts, D.
Henneke, Fabian Agrarian groups and the Atiyah conjecture over C Lück, W.
Hermann, Anna Delay of AND-OR-Paths and Adders Held, S.
Hilger, Susanne Statistical Mechanics of Gradient Interface Models Müller, S.
Höfer, Richard Particle Sedimentation in Stokes Flows Velazquez, J.
Hornshaw, David Francis L2-Wasserstein distance for tracial W-algebras Sturm, K.-Th.
Iakovenko, Sergei Representations of the Kottwitz gerbe Scholze, P.
Jansen, Jonas Fluctuations coming from nowhere Velazquez
Kacwin, Christopher Path integrals & high-dimensional numerical integration Griebel
Kastenholz, Thorben Homological Stability for Spaces of Embedded Subsurfaces with Tangential Structure Hamenstädt, U.
Körner, Stefan Mapping Properties of Bäcklund Transform for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation and Soliton Stability Koch, H.
Kosanovic, Danica A homotopy theoretic approach to finite type knot invariants Teichner, P.
Kraut, Anna Katharina Adaptive Dynamics - Theory and Application Bovier, A.
Lackmann, Malte Rational G-homology theories Lück
Lager, Mareike Random Matrices and Supersymmetry Disertori, M.
Lenz, Tobias Equivariant and Global Algebraic K-Theory Schwede, S.
Li, Lisa Singular K3 surfaces Huybrechts, D.
Mkrtchyan, Anna On the gradings of the Brauer algebras Stroppel, C.
Njegomir, Ana Forcing with finite sequences of models and characterization of some large cardinals Koepke, P.
Occelli, Alessandra Time correlations for Last Passage Percolation models Ferrari, P.
Ochsendorf, Philipp BONNPLACE: A Self-Stabilizing Placement Framework Vygen, J.
Oikonomopoulos, Dimitrios A Heat Calculus for manifolds with corners Lesch
Onkes, Lisa Mai Singularity Formation for Dispersive Waves Koch, H.
Pereira Lourenço, João Nuno Integral models of local Shimura varieties Scholze, P.
Pieper, Malte Mario Assembly Maps and Pseudoisotopy Functors Lück, W.
Ramos, João Pedro Regularity of Fractional Maximal Functions and Fourier Multipliers Thiele, C.
Rentrop, Johannes The Sparse Grid Combination Technique in Gyrokinetics Griebel, M.
Richter, Johanna Estimates for Integrals of Products of Six Bessel Functions Thiele, C.
Roos, Saskia The Dirac operator under collapse to a smooth limit space Ballmann, W.
Saccardi, Pietro Global routing with exact pin positions Vygen, J.
Schäfer, Johannes Ernst Steady Kähler-Ricci Solitons on Crepant Resolutions of Kähler Cones Hamenstädt, U.
Scheifele, Rudolf RC-Aware Global Routing Vygen, J.
Schweiger, Florian Energy scaling and regularity in models with microstructure Müller, S.
Semikina, Iuliia Hambleton-Taylor-Williams Conjecture for G-theory of group rings Lück, W.
Silvanus, Jannik Floorplanning in VLSI Design Hougardy, S.
Simon, Stefan Shape Design of a Polymer Microstructure for Bones Rumpf, M.
Stern, Walker Graphs, crossed simplicial groups, and topological field theories Dyckerhoff, T.
Traub, Vera The Traveling Salesman Problem Vygen, J.
Viaggi, Gabriele Geometry of random hyperbolic ε-manifolds Hamenstädt
Warchalski, Michał Bilinear Hilbert Transform: uniform bounds in local L1 Thiele, C.
Wu, Sa Optimal Choice of Enrichments in a Partition of Unity Method Schweitzer, M.
Zachhuber, Immanuel Hyperbolic and dispersive singular stochastic PDEs Gubinelli, M.
Zhong, Xianghui Integrality Gap of EUCLIDEAN TSP Hougardy, S.